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What are The Best Themes for Web Design in 2021

The best developers approach website design from the perspective of the target audience. That means that the design must capture the users’ interest and keep the brand identity of websites’ owners. Choosing good themes enhances user experience, as it has capabilities to make them linger on your site and find it easy to navigate. In 2021, some of the best and most popular themes that developers used are:


Divi is a multi-color and functional theme that is used to build websites across every industry and niche. In 2021, Divi saw thousands of users and is one of the most-used themes. Divi was developed on WordPress and offers developers the flexibility to create websites by incorporating numerous theme colors from one platform. Developers can choose different colors or add new features to fit their needs. On Divi, plugins are easy to install and integrate.


Avada is a WooCommerce theme that received explosive interest in 2021. As a builder, Avada offers developers 60 ready-made websites, several dozens of layouts, and colors from which they can build websites without coding. The theme is responsive and comes with features for eCommerce businesses to thrive. Developers have full control over every feature and can edit them without codes. Avada can also be edited using code. Avada is plugin-ready for developers to manipulate.


Astra is also an eCommerce theme used for setting up sleek, flexible, and professional online stores. Built on WordPress, Astra provides basic and advanced plugins for online stores to set up automated sales systems. Marketing is also made easy on Astra, with a customizable blog attached. Developers will find Astra an indispensable tool for creating stunning marketplaces for clients. For eCommerce website design, Astra is quite the tool.


BeClinic is one of the most popular themes for the medical sector in 2021. BeClinic offers dozens of medically-oriented websites and colors which developers can use to build for clients. Some of its features are a functional blog, online forms for booking consultations, eHealth, etc.


Although the concept is new (it only gained popularity this year), metaverse themes are expected to hit the industry in 2022. Some websites that offer platforms for accessing the metaverse already use some variation of metaverse themes, but you can expect more to be designed in 2022. Metaverse themes will take the web development industry by storm.

Using these themes for website design can set you apart from the other regular business owners out there. Remember that the goal is to make your guests comfortable while also giving them a unique experience.

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