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Security Cameras: Learning The Importance Of CCTV In Singapore

Closed-circuit television(CCTV) or security cameras in Singapore are pretty typical. According to the most recent data, the police force installed 90,000 police camerasaround the country. Yup, they are everywhere! You can find them in the metro, multi-storey car parks, roads, and highways, in the province, public housing blocks, town centers, retail stores, neighbourhood centres, and many more. These units help the police force to detect potential crimes and solve them. Considering the high number of CCTV units, there is no doubt that the country is notorious for its close-to-zero crime rate. Hence, they have the reputation of being one of the safest countries across the globe. In fact, they sustained their low and rare violent crime rates until 2021.

If you’re considering getting a CCTV camera in Singapore, say for your home, company, or property, here are more reasons to push you to get a security camera.


CCTV surveillance in Singapore has crucial importance in businesses. This innovative device can help check the safety of your entire property, personal belongings, the people inside the vicinity, or the persons working for you. As a business owner, worrying about your property and people is understandable. So, by now, start looking for a CCTV surveillance companyt o help install your security cameras, as here are the following reasons why you need one.



The key to CCTV installation in Singaporeis to place them strategically in various areas throughout your property, operating areas, and private offices. A study made in Tennesseerevealed that CCTV or security cameras are effective in stopping crimes from happening in public places. It serves as a deterrent for criminals. The reason is that they get nervous or afraid to push the wrongdoing, knowing that their face, physique, and entire being gets recorded as footage. With this technique, you can help reduce the chances of unforeseen crimes on your property, such as burglary, break-ins, theft, acts of vandalism, and other life-threatening crimes. Using CCTV cameras as your tactics and strategically placing them can help lead to a much safer work environment.


Real-time footage is one of the known benefits of CCTV in Singapore. The innovative device can provide concurrent updates and surveillance, which business owners and enterprises highly require. A security camera or CCTV allows you to view, watch, and have a real-time recording of what’s currently happening on your business premise or property. Back then, business owners needed to have traditional surveillance methods, such as a security guard or hiring an extra person to keep an eye on everything around the premises. However, considering the advancement of technology and changes in security nowadays, you can effortlessly monitor everything on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, or smartwatch. Yes, it is possible. As long as your security camera remains connected to your internet provider or WI-FI router, you can view real-time footage on any device, providing business owners convenience and peace of mind.


If a crime happens within your business premises, the footage from your CCTV camera in Singaporecan serve as criminal evidence. You can help the police force to track down, spot, and find the perpetrator. The video recording can help the local authorities check all crucial details about the crime, including the physique, face, outfit of the criminal, when they committed the offence and any other information that could lead them to the suspect.

Besides helping the local authorities, your CCTV surveillance in Singaporecan also serve as substantial evidence in the High Court. Most of the time, judges carry out their decisions and ruling based on the CCTV footage gathered. This evidence can help convict the perpetrator.



No matter what your business is, say a restaurant, a hotel, a retail store, or even a factory, your CCTV security cameras in Singapore can help enhance employee productivity. Better employee efficiency happens when they know there is CCTV surveillance around them. Employees tend to work at their most productive state when being monitored by security cameras. It also gives you more time to work on other business factors, increasing your productivity instead of focusing your attention on monitoring or being on the floor supervising them.


Sexual harassment in the workplace is one of the issues that remains a problem to date. Despite how conservative the country is, there will always be employee-related incidences in the office, especially without surveillance cameras. Installing a CCTV camera in Singapore can help prevent sexual harassment, theft, workplace violence, and other employee-related circumstances because they know the area has CCTV cameras. It can serve as a strict and stern deterrent, providing employees with a much safer work environment. Your security camera can capture all their dishonourable actions and act as evidence in the High Court.



A CCTV in Singapore for your business can also benefit business owners. The modern ways of surveillance in today’s time can help reduce your security costs compared to traditional sources. These cameras are as clear as crystal and come with night infrared support, which allows monitoring regardless of the time. It can give you high-quality footage 24/7, whether day or night. One strategy you can use for your business is the appropriate allocation of your security sources. Place your CCTV cameras strategically throughout your business premises. On the blind spots of your cameras, say corners, fire exits, or private offices, that is where you deploy and assign your security guards and officers to do their rounds.


These six advantages may or may not drive you to get CCTV security cameras in Singapore.However, think of your property, personal belongings, and people. Would you risk their health and well-being instead of spending a few pennies on your security cameras? CCTV cameras are best when you want to track, record, and observe the goings-on in, out, and around your business. The same applies to residential properties. You can monitor not just crimes but also unforeseen circumstances and accidents caused by environmental factors, such as a fire. If you don’t want to risk the chances of losing your possessions and people, consider getting a security camera.

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