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The Case of the Missing Website

Is your website AWOL (absent without leave)?  You might be thinking you invested a lot of time, energy, and money in getting that website up only to learn that nobody can find it.  Well, if they already know the web address, then, of course, they can find it. But what if they do not know the website address? You want customers who have never heard of you to be able to find you when they search for the goods or services you sell.

If they click on an email link, then they will get to your site.  But what if there is no link to click and they do not know you exist

While your site is out there somewhere, one place it is not to be found is on the first three pages of Google’s search results.  Why not? If a company does nothing to promote their site, it is not likely that they will be found in Google.

If a website is going to attract new customers, then it must be findable in the first three pages of Google search engine result pages, preferably on the first page.

There is only one Page 1 in the search engine results pages.  How can your website land on the first page for keywords related to your business?  It helps to be a great site, visually attractive with a compelling message. But Google requires more than that.  Many parts of the search engine equation are factored into determining placement in search engine results.  

“Search Engine Optimization” or (SEO) is a great way to assist sites to rank higher than others.  A NJ SEO company can help your website be more than just another pretty face.  Read this infographic from Landau Consulting to learn how to make sure your website does not go missing. 


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