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The Increasing Popularity of Augmented Reality

The advances in technology allow us to go one step further to enhance the functionality of our real-world objects. New ideas and technologies have aided the development of our economy and make our lives easier. Augmented reality is one such introduction that has made an incredible difference in our lives since its onset. As AR-ready mobile devices are becoming more accessible to people, companies are incorporating new AR features to enhance their user experience.

Understanding Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality can be explained as the enhanced version of the real world through the use of computerized elements, sounds, and sensory stimuli. AR basically overlays virtual elements over our real-life environment. For example, we can relax in our room and view a prehistoric animal hanging out with us. Companies are evidently adding augmented reality to upgrade the functionality of their products & services. Augmented reality features are now being vastly used by tech and digital platforms like Google, and Snapchat to add virtual components to the physical environment.

Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality

Where AR incorporates the virtual world into the physical one to enhance the user’s experience while still being in touch with reality, in VR users live in the virtual environment. Augmented Reality upgrades real-world objects with the help of digital elements that make them more interesting, comprehensive, utilitarian, and fun as per the requirement.

It has successfully made its way into our daily lives. Here are some of the examples to prove it-

  • Games- Augmented reality is widely used by gaming apps. Pokemon Go became the most popular gaming app played by millions of people across the world. Fun cartoon characters play around your lawn, luxury supercars can be parked on your apps. Using an AR app is a great way to embrace change and keep up with the innovative world.

  • Social Media and Shopping apps- Augmented reality is used as a marketing tool by several social media apps. Snapchat lens is a good example as it overlays dog’s ears on your, and lets you find your car by scanning through the parking lot. Apps like Nykaa lets you try new lipstick shades on your face under different lights to choose what suits you the best.

  • Medicine- Augmented reality app is extremely helpful for the medical field. It can make complex theories and explanations more comprehensible. Neurosurgeons can use 3D AR projections of the heart to aid them in surgery.
  • Navigation- AR-equipped navigation system can superimpose routes on live roads for guide automobiles.
  • Retail market- Several brands use this technology to add value to their apps amplifying the entire user experience. Household and furniture giants can allow the buyer to view different pieces of furniture in their own space.
  • Sports- AR helps in better analyses, evaluation, and illustrations of the game as the commentators and experts draw lines on the cricket pitch shown on screen to show the trajectory of the ball thrown.

There are many Augmented Reality apps like fectar that are extremely popular in the market. They are making the lives of millions of people better.