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The Specific Introduction of Bluetooth Mouse

The world’s earliest mouse was born in 1964. The invention of the mouse was listed by IEEE as one of the most important events in the 50 years since the birth of computers.

The development of the mouse has gone through three stages. The previous mouse has become an obstacle to the development of computers. In order to solve this thorny problem, Bluetooth mouse came into being.

Bluetooth mouse technology is a short-range wireless connection technology. It can realize wireless connection between various devices. It has a leading position in use distance and other aspects. Bluetooth technology has become the mainstream of wireless peripherals.

It is not difficult to see that the external interference of wired mouse is small. It has a huge advantage in terms of stability. But its shortcomings are obvious. It can be used near the computer. The cable will make the desktop appear a little messy. The Bluetooth mouse is different. The Bluetooth mouse is connected to the computer via Bluetooth. It has better portability and flexibility. The Bluetooth mouse makes the computer desktop more concise. But the stability of a Bluetooth mouse cannot be compared to a wired mouse. The second is that the Bluetooth mouse needs to be charged.
Bluetooth technology has developed from the original 1.0 standard to the current 2.1 standard. The new standards have enhanced data transmission rates. They have reduced power consumption. This makes the version upgrade smoother and enhances the use effect.

The Bluetooth mouse is an upgraded version of the wireless mouse. There is no doubt that the Bluetooth mouse is better. The control range of a Bluetooth mouse is larger. It is portable. But the Bluetooth mouse has higher requirements for the computer. It needs the computer to have the Bluetooth function. This is not applicable to some old models. In order to better use the Bluetooth mouse and enhance your computer experience, please upgrade your computer!

In today’s society, equipment upgrades are rapid. If you want to experience the latest technology, you can try a Bluetooth mouse. It will make your operation smoother and will never make you disappointed.

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