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Dedicated server – is it worth your money?

If you want to establish your online presence, then you need to make sure you have the best server. WeHaveServers.com is your dedicated server specialist. It delivers all the dedicated server requirements you need. If you feel like you don’t need a dedicated server and feel like it would be a waste of money, well, then, think again.

Below are the reasons why you should switch to a dedicated server and why it is worth your penny.

Private and secure communication –

If you switch to a dedicated server, you will have peace of mind knowing that all your personal information is kept private and confidential. You have the server all by yourself, which makes it extremely difficult for scammers and hackers to access your data.

Virtual private networks (VPN) –

It enables you to connect your devices securely and quickly. It cuts out the internet as the middleman and ensures that your devices are directly connected, thus, reducing the possibility of cyber-attack.

Data Syncing –

A dedicated server enables a VPN to connect the system to its own private network. It functions the same way with data syncing. With this feature, files can be easily transferred between the connected devices and store on the server. Hence, it would be easy to access for later use.

Web hosting –

Web hosting with a dedicated server makes the experience all the more beautiful. With dedicated web hosting, you will have more uptime, and, most importantly, your website will perform faster. Since you are not sharing the server with others, the server will have fewer data to process in the background leading to a higher upload and faster receiving speed.

Game server hosting –

Another benefit of having a dedicated server is for gaming purposes. If you want to host multiplayer sessions, then a dedicated server is all you need. You can easily customize the server to suit the game requirements. It will also prevent lag and glitches.

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