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Truest Choices As Per the Overwatch Playing

None of the above tips works very well if you can’t talk to your teammates and coordinate your actions. Overwatch has several tools to facilitate this communication, from a ready-made phrase system to communicate events or requests for help to your team to a complete voice chat so you can chat throughout the game.

Be polite, respect other players and ask them what their winning strategy will be and which characters they prefer to play with. During the game, warn the position of the opponents, suggest attack routes and ask for help when needed. You will find that a well-aligned team is more important to winning than any single move, incredible as it is. With the quick overwatch boost  you can have the smartest options available.

Have a good time

This is the most important of all, and it’s not too hard to do this in Overwatch, but it’s worth rememberin, we’re talking about a game, made and thought to entertain people. You can be competitive and want to win without falling into the frustration of not enjoying the incredible experience of playing this shooter alongside some friends. In the end, it is better to lose laughing than to be carried away by negative feelings. Let’s all enjoy the game as much as all Overwatch heroes seem to be enjoying, okay?

A list of the best to do well in your competitive Overwatch matches. Simple things that can help you and the team.

Understand: Overwatch is a collective game

Yes, he is. It may seem silly to say that but many people do not understand that their choices, their positioning, their mode of play can influence the whole team.

Your choices can determine victory or defeat for the whole team. So be aware of your responsibility.

Composition is everything

Yes. There is no point in your team getting 5 DPS and a healer. This is asking to be massacred.

Even with a few exceptions, the most balanced team for competitive Overwatch matches is 2 tanks, 2 healers and 2 DPS (which can be both attacking and defensive heroes). If you do not assemble this composition, your team may have a hard time in the match.

Learn a little about everything

At a minimum, learn to play well with at least one tank hero, 1 support, 1 defensive, and 1 attack. This is basic and if you don’t have this experience, I strongly recommend training in quick matches before playing competitive.

Use what your team needs

Assuming that Tip 3 has been followed, you should be aware of the team’s need when choosing your hero. Choosing that Hanzo to attack while your team has only 1 tank is a bad decision that can lead to the team’s defeat. Yes, understand that you may be to blame for these wrong decisions.

Learn to find your mistakes (and fix them)

The easiest thing is to find guilty. The hardest thing is to make a mistake. Learn how to find your own mistakes during a match and get better. Think about how you can be better for the team as a whole (following the principle that the game is collective, as stated in tip 1).

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