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Ways to drive traffic to your struggling website

Owning and operating a website is a tough commitment, and boosting it to compete with other more prominent and out-standing websites can be confusing and hard. An excellent way to fix this problem is by driving more traffic to the website.

Web traffic is the amount of data acknowledged by the visitor to the website. The number of visitors and pages determines that they visit. The tips listed below are some ideas by a growth hacking agency that will help businesses increase their traffic drive and understand basic marketing ideas for the promotion and sustainability of the website’s future content.

Why increase website traffic

It gives the operator and owner a fair idea of the analytical marketing scenario of their website. This way, future monetizing plans can have smooth planning and execution. It helps them gather insights about their audience and what they prefer; that way, it is easier for them to make future updates to their content.

It also plays a vital role in generating more leads, increasing conversions of their data, and gets more customers. Also, it is one of the most important factors of improving SEO and search engine credibility that plays a vital role in the website’s outlook.

Significant stats about website visitors and their preferences

Did you know almost 90% of the users judge ruthlessly and hastily depending just upon the outlook, structure, and the design of your website? 57% of users prefer not to recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile even if the structure is acceptable on the desktop. 

Web engines may be similar when it comes to website SEO, but the device outlet affects the visitor view rate to a very great extent. Also, the websites with slow-loading engines cost the retailer about 20 billion rupees in lost sales almost every year. These simple yet vital details affect the website traffic and its premature demise. So how do we fix this?

There are many unpaid ways to boost your website and increase traffic

  • Creating free listings helps customers decide on visiting the sites by comparing the information provided and their objectives.
  • Performing SEO on your web page is a great option that helps you understand the visitor algorithm and produce quality content that the audience is looking for.
  • Posting on Social Media platforms is also a good initiative for fresh-comers and emerging websites, as the platform is universally spread and adhered to while being communicable and feasible.
  • Using landing pages is a way to gain more audience and monetize your content even with fewer viewers as they can easily target you in your messaging and increase traffic.
  • Email market is another more prominent and widely used marketing idea that informs people about the brand, the updates in your collection, and promotions. Yet, filling up and bombarding the mailboxes is not the best idea, but providing them with useful links and information about your content is proved useful.
  • Engaging online is an essential part when it comes to building an online profile for your website; it aims toward commenting and sharing a post on the internet, answering queries, conducting live sessions, which help build up a good pre-view about your website and boost up the viewer’s interest.
  • Researching and learning about your competition is not only a way to safeguard your website but also improve it, as the competitors give you a fair idea of what the people are looking after and take out time to support.
  • Opening patron pages for your websites can help provide enough financial aid for boosting and promoting the website until the traffic kicks in.

Google Freshness Algorithm

In today’s generation, the viewer’s primary focus goes to the trend-setters, the influencers, and the youth of the country. This ideology is not because of the age or work that they do but the relevance and the newness in their content. Nowadays, google as a search engine has also changed up a few rules about promoting website traffic. 

They have started looking at websites with a spanking-new context that people can easily relate to and is sellable. Right now, a massive increase in your website traffic can be caused by how much the content that is posted is attractive to the viewers’ eyes, and would they be willing to share it. These factors affect the most to small and under-paid websites as they soon become follow-ups to flourishing and trending sites. So, the result remains to share and post content that is fresh and relevant to the upcoming future.


Upgrading the quality of your content and promoting it is essential, and as far as our statistics have shown, well-built websites with a real, attractive online resume and good quality content flourish and low-cost start-up websites that are poorly built up and barely have an online resume fall rapidly. 

Making a name for your company on the worldwide online platform can be challenging, but some essential artistic inputs, following these tips and staying true to your content. Your audience is what will make your website running and flourishing.

 How to use and function stock libraries for link building

We all know that content marketing requires more than just well-written content to be successful. It requires efficiency and the most important, which is visual aids. This blog post will be about how to use stock libraries and photographic assistance to increase your website visitors and build links.

According to the current statistics, blogs with images receive 93% more views than blogs without images, and not to forget social media updates containing images get more appreciation and get shared more than bland blogs. That is why building useful photo libraries are proven vital.

Building links is a very challenging area in SEO. It is combined with two massive challenges we face- building relationships and finding good photos for the blogs.

Features of your stock library –

  • People can download your images in good quality without unnecessary issues.
  • a vital message and warning on your page shall be that people need to link back if they use one of the images provided by your library.
  • Mentioning keywords and a short description of each image is a must-requirement as it makes it easier for the visitor to locate the images they need.


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