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How to Use Mobile Money in Kenya

M-PESA Kenya is one of the electronic mobile money tools which help us to send, receive, and even store money on mobile applications. It helps us to transfer cash and shop for various products and services from any place. One can even enjoy the withdrawing option by visiting any agents in the corner shop or transfer money to any willing person who is ready to give you cash in return. It is considered to be a safe, simple, and quick way of handling money and making payments. Even the MPESA charges are kept quite reasonable, which makes it affordable for all the people to make use of the best use of it.

How does this M-PESA work?

M-PESA has evolved as one of the virtual banking systems which offer quick transactional services by the use of SIM card on any mobile phone. In Kenya, it must be one with a Safaricom SIM card. This particular SIM card is being inserted in the card slots of the mobile device where the users can easily receive and make the payments by transferring funds to any vendor or family member.

It is considered to be highly beneficial for those people who do not have any bank account of their own and even reside in remote rural areas. They easily could access numerous amounts of M-PESA outlets which are distributed across the country. The money which needs to be deposited and stored is given and handed over to the kiosk attendants. They transfer the amount proceeds in the digital form to the relevant PESA account, which sits on the phone.

Sending Money To M-Pesa

Money can be transferred to M-PESA just in few minutes by making use of any device. The transfer payment can be made either by using a debit card or credit card. The funds are instantly credited. One just needs to follow some simple steps which include,

  • First of All, Visit the Homepage of Kenya
  • Click “Mobile Money” As the Preferred Service
  • Enter the Amount of Money You Wish to Send
  • Sign in Or Create an Account in Case You Have None

Add details of new receipts or select someone who is already added (only the mobile money account number is required)

Pay Online

Once the transaction is successful, a message and email notifications are received once the funds get credited in the recipient account. Moreover, the central platform tracks all the individual accounts securely.