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What is the “Attestation for the Sale of Hemp and Hemp-Derived Products”?

The “Attestation for the Sale of Hemp and Hemp-derived Products” is a form that outlines Shopify’s requirements for merchants selling CBD online using their platform. This form outlines the responsibilities that accrue to merchants who intend to incorporate online strategies into the sales of their hemp and hemp-derived CBD products or to use Shopify as a platform in order to do so.

Whenever a merchant fills out the attestation form, it simply implies that such business understands and agrees to the laid down procedures for people interested in selling CBD on online and as such agrees to comply with those requirements.

Here’s why you might need to do the same if you are thinking about selling CBD on Shopify.

Why does it matter?

The attestation form comes in as a form of control for the quality and safety of CBD products being sold on Shopify. It is a measure put in place to ensure that all CBD retailers on their platform follow the various laws guiding the sales of CBD products in each location. Because each country and state might have their own laws when it comes to selling CBD products, it is up to the merchant to determine what is legal and what is not.

It also addresses some issues concerning what is expected from a CBD merchant as well as what type of CBD products are allowed on the platform. Since many are first-time sellers of CBD, having guidelines can be extremely helpful when determining how to ship products, any additional information merchants need to know, and their rights.

For retailers with questions

The attestation form tries to provide concise answers to any questions an aspiring merchant might have. It is, however, essential that merchants interested in learning how to sell CBD online using Shopify should understand the full contents of this form and provide appropriate answers which are sure to keep them far from all legal implications of selling CBD online. They cannot look to Shopify as a form of legal protection, and they must be aware of any laws or guidelines created in their area.

The attestation guidelines are concise enough and any retailer hoping to circumvent them stand a huge risk of losing their business or for those who find themselves confused about the process of selling CBD online. This is why finding resources, connecting with other merchants, and doing your homework well in advance is encouraged when it comes to the CBD industry.

It is recommended that every retailer going into the CBD business should get a better understanding of the laws surrounding this industry, especially if they intend to set up a Shopify store. The best way to find out more information is to go to government websites and to look up CBD laws by state. Remember, if you are planning on shipping any products outside your state lines, you will also need to know the other states’ laws regarding CBD, as well.