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Wireless Charging of Mobile Phones

Wireless charging of electronic devices is one of the main bets of the manufacturers of technological devices.

They are working hard to wirelessly power most of the electronic devices we use, from smartphones to household appliances.

With increasingly advanced technology, it is only a matter of time before wireless charging becomes the only way to charge electronic devices and is therefore assumed to be the prevailing model in the mobile phone market, note you can unlock Cricket online.

In this post, we are going to focus on the wireless charging of mobile phones.

What Is Wireless Charging?

As the name suggests, wireless charging means that you can charge your phone without connecting it to a power source.

You have to place the phone on a charger or platform. It will automatically start charging without the need for cables, faster than in classic systems, and with the great advantage of charging several devices simultaneously.

Welcome to the future! Wireless charging has arrived to replace traditional charging.

How Does Wireless Charging Work?

It is not the intention of this post to delve into the technical aspects of wireless charging, but instead, we want to explain the essential and most relevant aspects of this process. First, you must know that there is more than one type of wireless charge.

Wireless Charging Types

The types of wireless charging that exist are:

  • Wireless proximity charging
  • Wireless charging by induction or contact

Wireless proximity charging is not yet implemented in mobile phones. Still, we do not doubt that smartphones will soon be charged just by bringing them closer to the device that acts as an energy emitter or charger.

Therefore we focus on induction or contact charging, which is already implemented in many mid-range and high-end phones.

It should be noted that Apple has opted to introduce wireless charging in its new iPhone models, so it is easy to guess how quickly the use of this technology will spread among users.

How Does Induction Wireless Charging Work?

To charge a phone by induction or contact, you need a base that will be the power source or charging point and a phone that supports wireless charging.

The operation is simple; just by putting both devices in contact, the phone will start charging.

The principle by which this form of wireless charging is governed is the transmission of electricity by electromagnetic induction, and the chosen standard is Qi technology, developed by the Wireless Power Consortium.

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