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Advantages and Uses of Laser Cutters


When it comes to metal fabrication, cutting is the most widely used process (as well as being the most basic). Laser cutting is the most popular technology people turn to in many industries across the board. Laser cutting has many different advantages. Below is a closer look at this and the different industries laser cutters are used to make the job easier and more accurate.

Flexibility and Precision

You can visit facebook.com/BossLasers to learn more about laser cutters and the flexibility lasers offer. For instance, you do not need to swap out various tools to make separate cuts. You can set it up to cut a lot of different shapes within the same material. Not only that, but intricate cuts are also possible and do not need any changes to the laser.

Manual Labor

Laser cutting does not require much manpower and lowers the cost of labor for a company. The machine operator still has an important role to play when it comes to the final quality of the products, but they don’t have much to do with the speed of the laser. Because of this, little to no manpower is needed during this step.

What Laser Cutting Entails

Laser cutting uses laser technology to cut and slice various materials. First used for industrial manufacturing purpose, laser cutting gained popularity, and various businesses started using the technology for their purposes. Examples of this include schools, smaller business, jewelers, automotive, tools, and so much more. Below is a closer look at a couple of these industries and how laser cutting is beneficial to their business.


The precision of a laser is used greatly when it comes to making jewelry. For example, a watch has many smaller and intricate parts, such as the gears. A laser can be used to make different cuts that are precise and very accurate to fit the gears in the small spaces they are intended to go. This leads to less production time and less materials being wasted in the production process.

The precision of the laser is useful when creating rings and bracelets with specific width and depth. Not only that, but the laser is also used for engraving designs or words onto the surface of the jewelry piece (engraving can be on either side of the piece).

The Health Care Field

Laser technology is very useful in the healthcare field for both patients and medical devices used on patients. When it comes to surgical procedures, many surgeons prefer to use a laser whenever they can. This allows them to make precise cuts and patients heal much faster from surgery because the cut made is much smaller by a laser than other tools. Stents, valve framers, flexible shafts, and so many other devices are made using a laser. These devices are meant to improve the quality of life for people.

Laser cutting has come a long way since it was developed and it will continue to improve in the years to come. More and more industries (big and small) will start to use the amazing technology of laser cutting.


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