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Tips That Will Help One to Install Keylogger on Someone Else’s Device

The Keylogger is a monitoring application that records keystrokes entered by the users. Keylogger doesn’t need to be used by only hackers or other people for a bad purpose. Rather the Keylogger can be beneficial software as well. It can be used to monitor employees in the company or catch a cheating husband/boyfriend. The Keylogger software is easy to use and can be effective in cases. Even the beginners in the case of computers can easily use this software. When using Keylogger one needs to install it to someone else’s computer without letting him notice. Here are certain steps that can be followed for giving an understanding of how to install a Keylogger on someone’s computer:

Step 1

The first step is to choose the Keylogger. The person who wants to install the Keylogger to another’s computer has to first of all select the Keylogger that suits him best. The Keylogger needs direct access to the device for installation. Once, the Keylogger is installed by the user it needs manual configuration so that logs can be sent.

Step 2

Once the Keylogger is installed and configured then one needs to enter the email address to which he wants the logs to be sent. One has to run the program and then go to settings and then send the report. The user has to enter the email and also has to set the frequency according to which they want that to be sent. The Keylogger can be sent through FTP as well.

Step 3

One needs to attach Keylogger to the email and then send it. If the user does not have any direct control of the device through anything then sending it through the internet with the use of remote control software is the only option. People can attach the program to the email just like other attachments. One problem with this technique is that the email has to go through several spam filters and then only it can reach the ultimate target. To pass the spam filters rather than attaching the Keylogger directly to the mail; one can add it to the word file and then attach that word file to the mail. People do not open emails from unknown sources so they should use Keylogger to enter only those accounts that they know. One should try to bring the attention of the target by adding an interesting attachment such as a Word file, photo, or anything that the recipient will for sure download.

Step 4

The user has to set up a Keylogger through remote software. One needs to have the access to the device to control it. This is how one can install a Keylogger on someone else’s computer.

Step 5

The user has to first use the Keylogger and then has to put it on the network as well. To do this one has to install it and by locating the device and then click on the Keylogger. One can put the Keylogger on the desktop as well.

Hence, this is how one can install the Keylogger to someone else’s device.

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