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Easy to use even for beginners “HUAWEI P20 Pro

The P20 Pro is the hottest product of the season as a high-end smartphone. It seems to be very popular all over the world, and it is said that Huawei Technologies of China has overtaken Apple in the United States to become the second largest share in the world. According to my reading, I think it’s almost time to overtake Samsung Electronics Korea, which has the top share. Perhaps a few years later, the top model will be in the battle between Apple and Huawei.

By the way, this smartphone was originally planned to be reviewed one month after purchase, but for some reason it broke down and I used it for almost a month except for the period when it could not be used due to the response. I’m not saying the P20 Pro is prone to failure, it’s just my luck. There was no problem with the correspondence of the NTT DoCoMo shop that purchased this model.

The Huawei p20 pro screen size is especially aimed at those who place importance on camera performance, and has collaborated with German camera maker Leica since the “HUAWEI P9” released in 2016. In the 3rd generation “HUAWEI P20 Pro”, a new zoom camera lens with about 8 million pixels has been added. The number of main cameras on the back has been increased from the conventional two (double) to the world’s first (*) three (triple). The AI- based automatic scene / subject recognition function (AI assist), which was first adopted in the “HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro,” has also evolved, and the camera function has been further refined.

Even if you are not confident in your photo tech, you can expect a beautiful and natural portrait of a person by using “Portrait Mode”. This is because the original “Beauty Level” correction corrects the skin color, etc., while blurring the background beautifully, giving an impressive finish as if it was taken by a professional photographer.

The in-camera has also been greatly increased from about 8 million pixels of the previous model “HUAWEI P10 Plus” to about 24 million pixels, and even SELPHY can now take more vivid and beautiful details. When the face of the subject is recognized, 3D modeling by AI accurately recognizes the features of the face. In addition, “3D portrait lighting” that you can choose from a total of 5 types of lighting effects, such as “stage lighting” that makes your face stand out clearly on a black background, and “classic lighting” that makes a more artistic black-and-white photo on a black background. If you apply, you can take a profile picture as if you took it in a photo studio.

For camera autofocus (AF), a new “4D predictive focus” has been added to the “4-in-1 hybrid autofocus” of the original laser focus, image plane phase difference focus, depth focus, and contrast focus. .. AI has captured moving subjects, making it even stronger for shooting moving subjects such as vehicles and pets. In addition, AI assists shooting in various scenes, such as camera shake correction when shooting night scenes and movies, and displaying guidelines that make it easier to compose.

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