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Go-to AVI Players for Mac

The AVI format is a valid video format introduced by Microsoft that is getting quite popular nowadays. People prefer this format for almost all the video watching in your computer and other devices capable of providing a visual experience. There are numerous AVI players available in the market. However, there are some compatibility issues with different operating systems. Getting a grab over some of the excellent AVI players is quite remarkable. This writeup emphasizes three different types of players that can be very beneficial for any operating system. Following are the three different types of video player that makes it quite easy to play AVI files:

VLC Media Player

This is one of the best .avi players that are widely popular among the users. It is because it has a wide variety of usage. You can play any format in this video player. The interface is quite attractive and doesn’t provide an ad-free or malware-free interface. If you are using it on Mac, it provides all the relevant functions that can help you get a hassle-free experience.

This is a cross-platform software that can be operational in any operating system. The open-source and free of cost reach make it quite attractive. It can play almost all formats of videos. You can also stream videos with the help of this video player easily.


If you want to attain one of the best media players for iMac in 2020, then MPlayerX is an apt option. It has a simple interface and ample functions that can help you to get all the desired needs for video playing in Mac. You need to select the targeted video, and it will make sit run smoothly without any hassles. There are some of the additional features also available with this AVI player. You can also search for different video int his player and can play that directly.

This software supports FFmpeg and other formats equipped with codecs, which are quite apt for playing AVI format videos. It can help you in playing AVI files smoothly without any disturbances or lagging. It supports 10 languages also.


This player is the best multimedia player for Mac that can play any format as selected by the user. This player comes with charges as you have to pay a specific amount for getting all the services. This is a player that is only available for Mac, and it makes this quite efficient. There are some of the valuable features that can help Mac users credibly.

It enables you to play numerous audio tracks in one go. Apart from the others, it has quite an efficient functioning and provides a natural approach.

With the help of these media players, you can get access to playing any Avi video files in your Mac. These are the best media player for iMac in 2020 that has all the functions of an efficient multimedia player. Opt for these and get an excellent experience of quality video format of .avi files in your price possession.

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