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Have you ever head the name of All-SERP?

I found this incredible tool months ago: All-SERP! To me it was fantastically fast, reliable and simple-to-use.

As its name suggests, it is a search scraper or SERP API. I mostly used its Google SERP API but as I saw in their website, it has other search scrapers too including Bing SERP API, DuckDuckGo SERP API, Ask SERP API, and Yahoo SERP API.

SERP scraping through this premium quality search scraper lets you save time, get correct and authentic result, and even you don’t need to have any hardcore coding knowledge.

What is SERP?

First of all, before talking about SERP scrapers and SERP API, you may ask what SERP means!

SERP is the abbreviation of search engine result pages.  Remember the time you search a word, phrase or keyword in Google or any other search engine like Yahoo and Bing. A web page appears as soon as you click on the button of search.

This page is full of related information to what you have searched and different sites containing related data are shown respectively from the highest ranked website to the lowest one. These web pages are called SERP!

And the tools that scrape these pages are called SERP scrapers. Hence this action is SERP scraping!

In other words, SERPs are search engines’ response to what you have asked!

For example Google SERPs include organic search results including text, image, video, news, maps, books and etc. or paid Google Ads results and featured snippets.

SERP significance

You may ask why SERP is created and what is its significance? SERPs show where your site stands in Google or other search engines. Or it’s better to say: what is the rank of your site in Google?

The quality of a website’s content as well as many other factors directly influence the ranking of your website. The first site that appeared on the top of the first page of Google has the highest rank and the ranking of other websites decrease respectively.

This is why businesses invest a lot in SEO (search engine optimization). All are trying to be shown at least on the first page of Google.

Most of us do not visit even the second page of Google, what about other pages! To appear on the first page of Google helps you to beat the competitors and be seen by numerous people across the globe. However, you should try hard to remain in that position and do not lose it!

What is API?

API stands for an application programming interface. API helps applications and software to be connected with each other.

Imagine the time you search for an address in Google Maps. The destination you typed in Google map is translated to the language of Google with the help of an API! Then the result is also transferred to you through an API. Without API, Google cannot understand your destination and also cannot show the result to you.

Another example is when you are looking for a hotel to reserve for your trip. You may search for different phrases in Google, choose one of the websites which inquire about hotel data from different traveling and hotel websites to show various available hotels at your desired prices and time. This website understands your request through an API, checks all related sources again with the help of API, and shows the collected info to you with an API.

Finally, you choose one of these hotels and an API confirms the trip with the provider they sourced it from.

SERP scraping & SERP Scrapers!

The All-SERP’s SERP Scraper does exactly what it says – scrapes Google and other search engine pages in real-time!

Previously manual SERP scraping was useful but today it is not as easy as before.  Many different issues affect your search including search history, location, and device.

Remember that the incognito mode is not also trustworthy. Some people use other strategies for example they change location to the one they’re searching in, delete history, clear cookies, sign out of Gmail and even open a new tab for every new search!

If everything goes right, you may get accurate information but even if it happens, it is very time-consuming. SERP APIs or SERP scrapers are designed to solve this problem. Please read the rest of this article to be more familiar with SERP scraping through SERP API.

All-SERP’s SERP scrapers

  • Google SERP API: this Google scraper or Google SERP API helps users to get desired information from Google without any restriction.

Users can get as many results as they require in the blink of an eye. Undoubtedly, Google scraper is the most used tool for SERP scraping across the globe which is related to the popularity of Google.

  • Yahoo search API: Yahoo, an American web service and one of the pioneers in search engines, is not as famous as Google but still has its own advocates.

All-SERP has created Yahoo SERP API for SERP scraping which is fast, reliable and cost effective according to my test and experience.

  • Bing SERP API: Bing SERP scraping is available for us simply and promptly in All-SERP. Bing search engine is operated by Microsoft. It is astonishing to say that according to WordStream , almost half of the US searches is done through Bing! Nowadays 36% of the US desktop search market is done with the help of Bing!
  • DuckDuckGo SERP API: if you look for a tool for SERP scraping in DuckDuckGo search engine, All-SERP has provided a professional one!

It is good to talk a little about DuckDuckGo. Its expertise is to protect searchers’ privacy to the extent that you can see the following sentences on the first page of this search engine “Tired of being tracked online? We can help.” It adds “We don’t store your personal information. Ever.”

  • Ask search API:com as its name suggests is a database for asking questions and getting responses promptly. We can define it as a question answering–focused e-business.

All-SERP’s SERP scraper lets you scrape Ask.com results from a fast, easy, and scalable API, the quickest and the least restricted way for Ask SERP scraping.

Why All-SERP’s SERP scraper!?

Based on my experience and what have been mentioned in All-SERP website, its SERP scraper is different because:

  • Straightforward to use SERP scraper – simply add in your search prospecting queries.
  • Hardware rotating- it rotates all requests with distributed hardware-based rotations on packet-level to avoid any blocking challenges.
  • It is not a cost prohibitive SERP scraper.
  • Distributed crawling- all crawlers run on distributed real-time architecture for more power and speed to scrap search engines.
  • Simply determine the locality in All-SERP’s SERP scraper.
  • Easily determine how many results you want to pull back in this SERP scraper.
  • All Captcha Solving- with All-SERP novel architecture, all captchas include (images and recaptcha) solved in real time with low latency.
  • All-SERP’s SERP scraper provides accurate and organic results.
  • The price is really good and is provided at a rate that even very small businesses can afford.
  • This SERP scraper is professional in tracking and analysis of over hundreds or thousands of keywords
  • All-SERP’s SERP scraper covers all contents of search engines including web pages, video, image, ads, books, flights, finance, news, maps, shopping and so on.
  • Distributed IP Rotation- its architecture supports a distributed smart adaptive IP rotation using machine learning methods.
  • All-SERP’s SERP scraper supports f search engines: Google SERP API, Bing SERP API, DuckDuckgo SERP API, Yahoo SERP API, and Ask SERP API.
  • Multiple languages are supported like Google search scraper python, Google search API Javascript, Google search API PHP, Google search API c#, Google search API Java, Google search API Ruby, Google search API go, Google search API c, Google search API Ocaml, Google search API ObjectiveC.


All new visitors can test 25 requests free of charge (personal plan)! This helps us to ensure the quality and speed of the service. Other plans of All-SERP include:

  • Small team SERP scraper: 5,000 results
  • Enterprise SERP scraper: 15,000 requests

I have worked with many similar tools but in my opinion All-SERP is a customer-focused company that does all its best to provide high quality SERP scraping tools to simplify a complicated process. They were always responsive in all steps of my job.

Professionalism, quality services and price are not the only things that they provide. They tend to be always responsive.  As soon as I ask a question via email, telephone call or as a Ticket, their experts reply very fast and solve any potential error.