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A lot of people’s career objectives usually lie in becoming an airline pilot. Flying a plane usually looks easy, but it isn’t until one efficiently learns the technical aspects of piloting. Becoming a professional pilot can be done by anyone with the right level of commitment; many professional pilot flight training courses are available for you to take with Avsoft online flight training platform to achieve your dream.

Becoming a professional pilot requires you to be willing to invest time and money to get the necessary experience to excel in this field. Below are three courses you can take with Avsoft online flight training platform to become a professional pilot.

Aircraft System Courses

These Avsoft online flight training courses include different major aircraft systems. It explains, in detail, all the components like the landing gear, air conditioning, engines, and many more. Flight controls, operations, flight control laws, and indications associated with each flight system are also thoroughly covered in the Aircraft system courses. This set of courses also covers the different features offered by each system and provides students with a visual explanation of each system rather than an aircraft manual that doesn’t quite cover each aspect of a system. Each course has modules covering the different aspects of major aircraft systems and is the first step in getting acquainted with your aircraft.

General Subject Courses

The General subject courses completely cover the definitions of various intricate terms, limitations associated with each aircraft system components, various operating procedures and procedures which are related to surveillance technology, emergency codes every professional pilot needs to learn, and an in-depth system description. Also covered by Avsoft online flight training school in the general subject courses are Aviation first aid lessons that introduce students to the various medical issues that could occur and how to deal with them. Mountain flying, dangerous goods regulation, low visibility, Thunderstorm avoidance, and many more are contained in the General subject courses.

Maintenance Courses

The final set of courses to be learned in your professional flight training are maintenance courses. This program covers fundamental aircraft systems, maintenance, controls, and operations. Maintenance courses are offered with visual representations rather than using aircraft manuals to help the professional pilots in-training understand the lessons better.

Each module in all sets of courses comes with tests. When all the modular tests have been successfully taken, there is a certificate of completion offered to students. Airlines and ATOs might choose to create a final exam for you or even edit the test questions to their preferences.

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