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How To Access WMV Video Files On Mac By Using Quick Time Play?

Your effort is futile if you are trying to play WMV video file on Quick Time Player as every time you will get the error box where something will be written like a file could not be opened. The reason behind this failure is very simple and the reason is that all the files of WMV are encoded in Microsoft propriety codec and they can be only used by the Windows devices or applications. The WMV video file is working nicely with other devices, but the problem is with the Mac ecosystem. WMV can’t be viewed straight in Quick Time Player.

It is good to know for the users that they can use WMV video files in the transformed state. Yes, the format of WMV files can be changed by applying certain tricks. We need to do just convert the WMV video file on any of the Quick Time playable formats.

Tools for conversion

There are some of the pretty important tools for the process of conversion and one of the most reliable tools is video converter as it is powerful and convenient. The video converter is completely able to take any video, and can execute the conversion of that video without any issues. The video converter is also able to convert audio files for better usage of the users.


One of the features of this program is that it enables the users to edit the video. Users can trim, crop, merge, add subtitles, etc. and other sorts of editing. Before aspiring for such things, you are supposed to install the right version to be installed on your computer or Mac book.

Here are some of the following steps which will tell you how to use this utility for the conversion of WMV files on your Mac. If you want to operate your PC, then it is as same as it will be done on your Mac.

Step 1: Import WMV files

Select the WMV file which you want to be converted and then click on the “Add file” button on the top of the toolbar so that it can be converted for being used in Quick Time Player. You can also use drag and drop options to reduce your effort.

Step 2: Select quick time playable file type as output format

Click on the “profile” drop-down menu which is on the lower left place of the interface. Select the format from the given options like MOV, MP4, M4V, etc. under the general video category.

Step 3: finally convert WMV to Quick Time readable format

Finally, click on the “convert” button and the WMV file will be converted to be played in Quick Time Play format.

These are the simple process with the help of which you can convert WMV video file in Quick Time Play format. For more details, you can click on this link  https://www.elmedia-video-player.com/play-wmv-quicktime.htmlIf you are going to click on this link, then you will be able to get better options for the conversion of WMV files for Mac or PC.

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