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Is there any internet censorship in Hong Kong?

That’s a big misconception. Even though Hong Kong is a major part of China, the surveillance and censorship laws aren’t similar, and in fact, are quite minute as compared to it. China is constantly putting a little pressure on Hong Kong to comply with their laws, but so far, the laws on privacy are widely practiced in Hong Kong.

What you need to know if living or travelling to Hong Kong

Even though internet censorship and surveillance laws aren’t all that heavy in Hong Kong, there are still some things you need to stay clear of. For instance, the downloading and access of copyrighted material is looked down up in Hong Kong. So, if you’re living there or had plans on traveling there, there are some active precautionary measures that you need to consider.

Firstly, just because the freedom of expression is regulated and protected by the Hong Kong bill of rights, there is some internet monitoring you need to stay clear of, especially if you’re a democratic activist. Other than that, if you’re travelling to Hong Kong and need to access the US Netflix library or any other international streaming service, you’re going to need to change your IP address.

But, how do you cater to all these needs under one hat? Are there any security and unblocking tools that work for all? There are many that I can think of, but a Virtual Private Network is by far the best.

However, you can’t just choose any VPN, but the best Hong Kong VPN. There’s a big difference! Once you’re subscribed to the best, proceed to the steps below, showing you how to change your IP or access multiple international or local services.

How to change your IP address to a local or international one while within Hong Kong

Depending on what service you’re trying to access or whether you just need the VPN for privacy in Hong Kong, you need to change your IP accordingly. Here’s how you begin:

  • First, subscribe to the best VPN for Hong Kong and create your account.
  • Download and install the app on a supported device.
  • Launch the app and sign in to your account.
  • Connect to either a Hong Kong server or an international one that offers the best speeds.
  • That’s it! Start streaming or torrenting, either way your traffic and data is heavily encrypted and secured.

How to choose a Hong Kong VPN

As mentioned above, not every VPN provider is the same, and each offers a different set of features, performance and purpose. So, make sure you choose either one specifically for Hong Kong, or one that covers all. Here’s what to look for:

  • Choose one that offers the best security features like 256-bit AES encryption, DNS and IP leak protection, a Kill Switch, Obfuscated technology, and other advanced features
  • A network that offers servers in Hong Kong and other international countries.
  • Great speeds
  • Ability to bypass geo-blocks and restrictions to access local content from abroad and international content in Hong Kong.
  • VPN functionality in China
  • Strict privacy and no-logging policy to make sure that your data is protected at all costs.
  • Once that offers a free trial and refund period, allowing you to test the VPN. You can subscribe to an affordable provider that offers the best VPN deals, just in case you’re on a budget.