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List of best AVI players for MAC

AVI format is very different from formats like MP4 and this is the reason that not every video player can play this. However, it is one of the most popular video formats, so the question is how to play AVI files on Mac? Well, to answer this question, here is a list of a few of the AVI compatible video players.

VLC media player 

The very first AVI player option that we want to talk about is the VLC media player. It is a very popular player is known for its amazing features. It is a cross multimedia player and the best AVI player for Mac. Not just that, but you can play DVDs too with the help of this app. While watching the video on the VLC media player, you can set the playback speed, can take a screenshot and can convert the video file in the desired format. The best part about this one is that it is completely free and has no ads or spyware.

Elmedia player 

The next one in this list is the ELmedia player. This tool supports almost all the formats in which you can watch various videos, such as, AVI, WMV, MP4, MP3 and many others. There are a lot of features of this app that you could not find anywhere else. You can adjust playback, can set the video in the loop and can even bookmark your favourite part of the video. The creation of a playlist, be it audio or video is very easy with this application and this makes it the best AVI player.


MPlayerX is also one of the best free AVI players, especially for Mac. The best part about this player is that it runs the video in the AVI format very smoothly. You just need to add the target video into the app and it will start playing. It has got FFmpeg and Mplayer and it is because of these two things that this application is compatible with every type of media player. With this media player, you can also search for videos and then play them directly.

5k player 

This is also an amazing video player, but you must not have heard about it, as it is new. It is very clear from the name of the player itself that it supports videos with high quality, including formats like MP4, MPEG, and other such formats. Apart from all these features, this player allows you to download videos from different sites too. You can use use the AirPlay feature to stream media files between iPhone and Mac computers while using a 5k player. With the help of this video player, you can go to the web, select your favorite video and then can play it from there directly. It also comes with a built-in radio.

Cisdem Videoplayer 

Cisedm video player is also very helpful in playing AVI format videos on Mac devices. It can play videos in different formats on different devices without compromising the quality of it. The formats it is compatible with are MP4, MP3, MOV, and many others. The best thing about this one is that it comes without any ads or malware, so you can enjoy it free of cost and even without ads. When you are using this app, you can set the playback accordingly, can play and pause your videos and can take screenshots too.

These were all the multimedia players that are recommended by us to you for playing any AVI format video. If you want to know more things related to it, you can visit the site. Meanwhile, you can read and choose a player for yourself from the above options.

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