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TOP 5 brand strategy cases to inspire your SEO expert

Any brand and their mum need to stay competitive. Well, that’s what an SEO specialist is for. After all, only a qualified and experienced expert will help you accelerate your growth online. Still, even an SEO professional needs certain inspiration from time to time. Lucky for you, we decided to compile some of the utmost inspiring brand strategy cases that will help your SEO department come up with something truly unique, catchy and original in all the right ways.

  1. Think different. Yeah, this one (Apple Think Different – Full Version) is absolutely self-explanatory. Apple’s creative approach never stops to amaze their audience and this one is absolutely no different. Smart visuals, powerful yet simplistic messages – these guys really have a knack for marketing.
  2. Find your greatness. In this one, Nike makes you feel like the true hero you always wanted to become. They appeal to your emotions and deliver some truly powerful visuals that will definitely boost the customer’s desire to purchase their products.
  3. Tastes like home. While you might have not heard about this German ad, it’s very much appealing for those who value traditions and family. It’s filled with passion and innocence at the same time, conveying a sense of warmth and cozy feelings that you have experienced in your childhood. Absolutely sweet.
  4. Be unconventional. The Australian Notel really urges you to stand out from the crowd. It has all the right details that will make you want to explore the world beyond your comfort zone and those boundaries that you got used to in the first place. Their approach is different yet very focused at the same time.
  5. Simplicity and fortitude. Deksia found a way to help men of all ages to feel reassured and confident about themselves by helping them resolve the particular problems that they may experience. Their marketing approach makes you feel more confident and conveys a clear vision of strength that every man desires.

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Being creative is easy – you just need the right inspiration that will help you make the most from your processes. Simple as that.