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Top 5 Common Workplace Time Wasters (and How to Avoid Them in 2021)

Do you know how to get rid of the time-waster or time-wasting activities?

Of course, every individual needs to be productive and would like to have control over their time.

But the latest Netflix shows, the unnecessary water cooler talks, etc might put a huge boulder on what is important and what is not. So, as soon as you identify such time wasters, it would be best to avoid them and handle your time properly.

Basic Workplace Time Wasters

Social Media Distraction

Now social media activities are not just limited to following each other. You would spend a lot of time uploading new posts, commenting, scrolling overfeeds, etc.

Here the best way to avoid social media distractions would be to put a specific time in a day when you are logging into your account. You could use your social media when you are taking short breaks or after work hours.

Constantly Checking Emails

You might not realize this aspect. Checking your inbox would be a huge waste of time. Of course, certain emails would be important, but not the majority of them. Now even while going through your inbox is a waste of time, it would even lead to wastage of your time on other tasks.

Well, the perfect way for avoiding the wastage of checking emails is by prioritizing your task. Check the subject line of the email and if you feel that it is worth it, then spend time on it.

Lack of Prioritization

Of course, your to-do list will have various tasks that require your attention. But you must prioritize your task and make sure that there is no wastage of your precious time.

Many people never think of using social media management tools or they never think of proper prioritization of tasks. There are many ways of prioritizing your work. One of the best ways is by making a list of all the important tasks (i.e. at least three) you want to do.

Unproductive Meetings

Seriously, not all meetings are necessary. If you are having a meeting for explaining and sharing project updates, they are a huge waste of time. To get started, you can save much time by using a project or time management tools.

With the tool, co-workers and managers can check out if everyone is placed properly in the work hierarchy or not.

Watercooler Discussions

No doubt, the biggest waste of time is the watercooler discussions. It is often non-work related and such things can go on for a long time. If you want to avoid such talks, create a strict and good policy regarding casual discussions and breaks.

Wrapping Up

Common workplace time-wasting activities can crop up. But you can limit them through proper tools and planning.