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What is Cloud Server & Why do you need it?


A cloud server is now in trend because it’s cost-effective and easy to access from any corner of the world. The days have gone when you need to carry a bulky hard disk along with you to your workplace or other corners of the globe. Many individuals and business giants are preferring to store their valuable data on the cloud.

What is Cloud Server?

Cloud storage or a cloud server is a new technology to store your data on the cloud. It is also known as a virtual server. It is safe from viruses and secured from getting access by other people because it required to access your credentials each time you want to use the data. You can even use more than two operating systems at a time without having a physical PC. Only you need to install the required operating system on a virtual server.

Many players in the market are providing the Cloud server rental service (บริการ cloud server, which is the term in Thai) online. You can purchase the storage space as per your requirement. You can also start with a small duration and then upgrade it as per your need. Only you need to search & compare the plans properly before buying it. 

Benefits of using Cloud Server Service

  • Easy access from any location
  • Cross-linked with your multiple devices such as Desktop, Laptop, Mobile & Tablet
  • Secure from hacker due to the encrypted form of stored data
  • Cheaper than hard disks or other physical storage devices
  • Easy to share files

If you are an individual or a small business owner, you can go with a basic cloud storage package else if you have a big size business and there are too many databases being used in a regular tenure, you must shift to server installation service (วาง server, term in Thai) or a dedicated server plan. Because here, you will get ample space to store your all documents, database and other useful files on serer. You can understand it as a private server that will be secured for your business only.

In a nutshell, cloud storage is the best data storage platform available at an affordable rate to fulfill your all storage requirements for personal or commercial use. Sometimes, you can get the best deal offered by a few service providers as well. So, if you haven’t opted for it so far, you must experience it once.