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Top 5 Best Pre-Employment Software for 2020


A pre-employment software is the best tool used to evaluate candidates to help organizations make informed hiring decisions objectively. HRs can use the assessment tools to screen candidates to test various skills such as cognitive, coding, and technical skills specific to the role. The best pre-employment software also offers features to evaluate the candidates for soft-skills such as communication, emotional intelligence, motivation, et al. Companies have the option to assess candidates for their knowledge on a specific industry, making the screening process more efficient.  

So, how do you decide which is the best pre-employment software for your recruitment needs? Let us look at some of the best software in 2020. 


While most software offers a range of features to help recruiters make their job easier, using artificial intelligence can take your hiring to the next level. Otomeyt leverages the power of AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to create a customized assessment based on the JD. Using Otomeyt, you can screen the candidates for over 300 technologies. It also offers about 20,000+ question-library that can be used to create the pre-employment tests seamlessly. Otomeyt helps recruiters reduce personal bias and even access candidates’ body language during the test. Otomeyt also offers a free trial. 

With the talent pool increasing and job roles becoming versatile, it is essential to use pre-employment software to hire the ‘right fit.’ The pre-employment tests become even more crucial for companies hiring for technical roles as only the right test can help you accurately evaluate the technical skills of the candidates. It will also increase your legal defensibility by making the hiring process transparent. Pre-employment testing software is the best way to improve your hiring process. 


Test Invite

This is a fully automated platform that empowers recruiters to create custom tests for screening and shortlisting candidates. Test Invite offers options to create tests such as coding tests, personality tests, psychometric tests, language assessments, etc. It allows recruiters to set timers, shuffle sections, set navigation restrictions, and even generate reports. The process is made secure using webcam proctoring, event logs, multiple timers, lockdown browser, and auto shuffling. The software is priced at USD 100 for 100 credits for an Indian business with employees less than 100.

Interview Mocha

This is also a pre-employment software that offers 1500+ skill tests, customization of each test, intelligent analytics, and advanced mechanism to prevent cheating. Interview Mocha is directed at helping organizations find job-fit candidates while ensuring an excellent experience for the candidates. The software provides tests for testing domain skills, cognitive skills, next-gen skills, coding skills, and IT skills. 

 Mercer Mettl Assessment Battery

As the name suggests, this pre-employment software offers a battery of assessment options to help organizations find the right candidate. It enables organizations to measure the candidates’ personality and ability along with the skills. This tool can be used for a holistic evaluation of the personality such as motivation, values, bright traits, dark traits, etc. The software claims to help companies find a smaller and better-qualified pool. 



HireSelect is an online pre-assessment tool that allows companies of all sizes to develop pre-employment tests for their hiring process. It focusses on making implementation easy by offering intuitive and user-friendly service. You have pre-designed tests for over 1,100 roles that make hiring seamless. The test results are also available immediately along with the analytics report to filter the candidates. HireSelect provides subscription plans for companies of all sizes. 


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