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A Software that can help you with Church Guest Follow-up

To keep the new guests informed about the schedule of the church gets hectic for the church leaders. They have other daily tasks and procedures to follow. In this case, they often forget to give the church guest follow-up. Telling them you loved their presence in the last event will make them smile and an active part of the church.

Importance of Communication:

To make communication easier, companies have developed web-based church management software. It has features that all the small and mid-sized churches need. The software has a user-friendly interface therefore it is very easy to use.  Also, they have kept the costing low so that even the small churches can afford to buy it. When one software can do all the functions then why ask and request the volunteers.

The Functions Software has to offer are:

  1. Sends text messages and emails. To all the participants of the church one day before the event or according to the date you have set.
  2. Checks attendance as to how many people attended the event and also if any new members joined. For churches, send it is an honor if a new member joins them.
  3. The software has a feature that one can set a follow-up plan. And as per that it will send requests and notification to the guests who recently came for a visit. When you do this to the guests, they feel special.
  4. It creates reports and displays them on the dashboard. All the data that has been collected by the system will be displayed such as attendance, absentee and other events that need to be organized.

Creating an inviting and warm atmosphere for first-time guests during, before and after the events is important.

One Mistake most Churches do is:

  1. Follow up the guests for one week after visit only. Getting connected to a new church does not happen in a week. It will be great if before and after every event a message or email is passed. But because the church officials are busy, they forget to do it. This software is a one-stop solution. It does not only send emails and messages to the newcomers but the other regular members as well.
  2. Using only one or two forms of communication to follow-up the guests. You can use social media, text, phone or email. A suitable phone call can be a great step. You can leave the text message and email on the software.