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Recently, it was an article published on the APA website, the American Psychological Association, which reported a very interesting and innovative research conducted by the Redbud University: playing video games, including the “sprouts”, according to researchers learning and developing social skills. 

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Without denying the existence of possible negative effects that may emerge from the use of video games, including addiction, the authors stress the need for a “more balanced perspective”. According to recent studies, in fact, video games contribute to the development of a series of important cognitive skills such as space navigation, reasoning, memory, perception and problem-solving. In case of dota 2 mmr boosting  this is important when you need to win.

  • But it’s not only cognitive skills that benefit: a simple and undemanding game like Angry Birds, for example, can improve mood, promote relaxation and have positive effects on anxiety. In addition, the authors suggest that playing could be useful to increase personal resilience: by learning to manage the frustration of the common failures in which in any video game you encounter, children can learn reaction strategies that they will then use in everyday life. The research ends with an appeal: to continue to conduct studies, without prejudices and preconceptions, that go beyond “do good” or “do bad” but which really make a contribution to research on the effects of a phenomenon that, so to speak, it affects 97% of American teenagers.

First, video games can help improve the cohesion of a newly formed group of people, which translates into greater productivity in the workplace.

This experiment was carried out by Brigham Young University, on a sample of 352 people divided into groups of 80 participants who were asked to play Find amine (a virtual treasure hunt). The results show an overall improvement in team building and productivity, which is not a small thing nowadays.

But the benefits are not only for young people, but also and especially for the elderly

It has now been established that video games improve reasoning skills, spatial attention, working memory, reaction times, executive functions and multitasking (in addition to the social benefits we mentioned earlier).

The perfect console for older people (even over 65) is the Nintendo Wii, perhaps the symbol of “Sunday players”. In a London rest home, spending time together with the Wii has become an unfishable gathering ritual.

As if that were not enough, the benefits for the elderly can also be to coordination and muscle endurance, as evidenced by a 2013 study.

But it didn’t end there

Video games help overcome dyslexia as the brain is used to focusing longer and performing complex operations.

There are also improvements to the sight (due to the sudden color changes and the multiple elements on the screen), to the memory and to the resolution. Video games, in fact, help make decisions faster and more accurately (in addition to reducing stress).


Simplifying to the bone, the University of California has found that playing multiple choice titles that have a real impact on history (such as Heavy Rain and Life is Strange) can help to treat various psychological pathologies: one of these is depression, at least in its mild version.

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