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Private VPN – Review & Cost

If you are from Sweden, you are very well aware of the strict privacy laws that this country enforces. It might be coincidence, but it appears not to be that Private VPN, which is one of the best virtual private network providers on the market started out precisely here.

Mainly Swedes use it, but PrivateVPN offers world-wide services and has severs available in a huge number of countries. What can be said about them is that they offer premium quality performance, superb pricing, as well as providing the benefits of making P2P & torrents, unblocking the Netflix platform while abroad, and, most importantly, they keep absolutely no logs whatsoever.


The Private VPN offers premium ‘payment plan’ option, allowing you to cut the price the longer you intend to use the given program. 

You can pay for your subscription with a PayPal card or Bitcoin, which is highly unusual, especially for relatively young virtual private network providers. On top of that, you are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee in case anything goes awry. 

Every payment plan option allows you to use VPN from up to six different devices at the same time, which makes its value substantial if you intend to share it with a couple of friends or with your family.

The cheapest option is to purchase a one month subscription for $10.95. Of course, you will enjoy in all the benefits, such as the money back guarantee during the month and simultaneous device connectivity. 

The second option is the 3-month plan which cuts the monthly price down to $7.50 from $10.95, totalling in $22.50. It’s a pretty good deal if you’ve already decided that Private VPN is something you want. 

Lastly, we have the best VPN deal on the market, and that’s the 17-month plan which roughly costs $3.39 per month, totalling in $57.60 annually. Basically, this is Private VPN giving out five extra months completely free of charge plus a 20% discount, which is again very rare. 

Netflix Unblocking

The Netflix unblocking feature is very specific and virtually every VPN provider who owns it highlights it, and rightly so. Basically, Private VPN allows you to remove the geo-block put up by Netflix which prohibits you from watching certain Netflix-exclusive shows in certain countries.

Most notably, USA Netflix has the biggest database and one of the most efficient ‘blacklists’ in comparison to others, which is all the more reason why Private VPN is absolutely perfect for you if you want to watch American Netflix shows while not actually being present in USA. 

Strict No-Logs policy

Last, but certainly not least, Private VPN stays true to its name and actually provides you with a private network connection. The brand doesn’t keep any logs or records of your internet history, cookies, or anything similar, which means that as soon as you unplug, all ‘evidence’ is immediately erased and destroyed. This isn’t only convenient for hackers – it’s perfect for people who want to safeguard their online privacy more efficiently. 


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