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Smartest Details to Choose the Best Smartphone

In just a few years, the smartphone has become the irreplaceable companion of millions of people. From a simple means of communication, the device has been transformed into a real personal assistant capable of managing your calendar, displaying your emails or even offering you access to a myriad of applications for all aspects of your personal and professional life.

Choosing a new smartphone is therefore of crucial importance today. How to ensure that the device that will accompany you for the next few years meets all of your needs? To help you, we change the points to which it is essential to pay attention to make the best possible choice. Make a visit to https://anewcellphone.com for the best choices now.

What budget, what needs?

There are traditionally three main categories of smartphones. Depending on your budget and your needs, it will be more advisable to orient yourself towards one or the other.

Entry-level or low-budget models

Now accessible at unbeatable prices, so-called entry-level smartphones can be marketed well below the symbolic threshold of € 100. Smartphones like the K5 and K8 from

Mid-range models

Marketed at prices between 250 and 500 €, mid-range smartphones constitute the major part of the current offer. Using the main innovations of previous generations of high-end devices, they represent a real leap in quality compared to entry-level smartphones while remaining at “accessible” prices. Among the devices of this year, the Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5 or the Fever SE from Wiko is for example mid-range devices quite satisfactory.

High-end models

Premium quality models like the Samsung Galaxy S7, the Zenfone Max, the Diamond 2 Plus or the essential iPhone 6 and 6S exert a strong attraction on an audience eager to take advantage of the latest technologies. High-end smartphones are suitable for intensive use and are characterized by advanced components and functionalities. Even if it can be amortized by subscribing to a package with commitment, their cost to purchase is however in a high range, often beyond 700 €.

Samsung Galaxy J3, A3 and S7

The different ranges of the same manufacturer often present little difference from a design point of view (from left to right: Samsung Galaxy J3, Galaxy A3 and Galaxy S7).

The screen

The touch screen is the main means of communication between you and the device. It is therefore particularly important to choose a format and technology that suit you. The screens of today’s smartphones are “capacitive”, they offer a sensitivity, significantly higher than the old resistive screens and can react to the slightest movement of the finger. Finally, the most advanced models are starting to incorporate innovative touch technologies such as the “3D Touch” of Apple iPhones. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to perform differentiated actions depending on the degree of pressure exerted by the finger. A touch launches the application while a firmer press allows, for example, to open its control panel.

Another important point: the diagonal of the screen. This has a great impact on comfort and the type of use. The first smartphones set a master standard at 3.5 inches, considered an acceptable compromise between readability and maneuverability. However, the latest models such as the Sony Xperia X or the Lenovo K5 tend to break free from this rule and multiply the large 4 or 5 inch screens, more practical for certain uses such as watching videos. The models belonging to the growing family of “phablets”, devices halfway between the smartphone and the tablet, can even push the screen diagonal up to 6 or 7 inches.

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