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The 5 Elements Of Good Website Design

The advancement of technology introduced new ways on how people interact with certain enterprises in society. Digital means of interaction are now getting more and more advanced because of many things. It is because of the advanced capabilities of mobile and computing devices. People can now do countless things by just touching the screen or pressing a few buttons on the keyboard. It is a limitless process.

One manifestation would be the dominance of ecommerce in today’s digital world, especially in the coronavirus pandemic where people resort to technology. With this, enterprises are undertaking initiatives to improve their business goals. They are now prioritising the optimisation of their digital means of communication.

Website design is one facet of digital marketing. More and more companies are building their online presence, and there is tremendous importance in communicating through this channel. Businesses use websites to spread information to their clients or sell products to their intended customers. So, for a consumer-based enterprise, having a good responsive web design in Singapore translates to achieving business goals.


Technology is now getting more and more advanced. It is a constantly changing field that requires people to adapt. The development of countless mobile and computer applications is changing how people interact with society. Ecommerce was an alien concept years ago, but now it is one of the most popular types of technology.

There is constant change, and one way to adapt to it is by availing services from a website design company in Singapore for your business.

A beautifully designed site contributes to your goal in reaching business objectives. Let us explore the makings of a website that leaves a lasting impression on visitors.



Let us start first with the most superficial element that people notice when visiting a website.

It is the simple part of a website because it pertains to the overall look and mixture of elements. When people open a site, this is the first thing they notice because they have not interacted with it yet. What makes this crucial is the first impression it will set upon the users. An inferior quality web design can shun customers away and leave a negative impact on the business. 

The main advantage of considering aesthetic factors is the impression of visitors. A web design that factors in visual elements would contribute to a seamless experience for the visitors.



Another vital facet that pertains to the aesthetic of a website design is branding. It is necessary for every type of enterprise because it serves as an avenue to build an identity and communicate effectively with customers.

In starting an ecommerce website design project, the site should incorporate the branding of the company. It means that every element, such as typography, colour, and overall style, should be consistent and present across all communication channels.

A clear and consistent branding across all platforms can do wonders for your business objective. Building awareness and leaving an impression on potential customers would be an easy task because of the established identity of the web design. They would surely remember your brand when they associate the visual elements with it.



Millions of internet users visit websites in a day. A good website design company in Singapore should incorporate easy navigation so users can access information without any problems. It also helps the business meet its objectives by effectively communicating with its customers.

In the consumer goods industry, an efficient ecommerce website design provides their customers with easy navigation. Controls that will provide access to organised information should be present on the site. For example, when a consumer is looking for a specific product, they should arrive at the information they are looking for without any obstacles. 

There are three widely used devices: mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Building a site can be a daunting task, and some professionals can provide website design services for a client to optimise the navigation experience across all types of devices. They will also prioritise the user when it comes to the web design of the digital product.

<img src=”https://i.ibb.co/FxCGVYW/Websites-should-also-be-able-to-interact-with-the-user.png” alt=”Websites-should-also-be-able-to-interact-with-the-user” border=”0″ />


A website serves a purpose for every business. It can be spreading relevant information, convincing people to make a purchase, or persuading people to take action. Whatever kind of purpose your business holds, a web design must give users the ability to interact.

The usual problem with some websites is the lack of interaction. It is sometimes just used to present information without communicating with the user. Building an online presence is not just about exposing a business through digital means but also a way of interacting with potential customers. It means that a good ecommerce website design effectively communicates with the user. What does this mean? A website is more than just a place for information. It is also an avenue to persuade people into taking action.

A website design that provides a way for customers to interact is an effective way of communicating. It is one method of growing your business to the next level.


Compelling Copy

Aside from the appealing visual elements and user-friendly navigation, another vital part of effective website design is writing a compelling copy to interact with users.

What is this exactly? The content of your website goes beyond visual elements that spark their interest. It should also hold relevant and concise information to speak with the users. An exceptional ecommerce website design does not only focus on imagery and colours but also a perfect narrative. It includes a well-written business purpose and relevant information to persuade users in taking action.

The use of compelling copy also helps your website when it comes to exposure. SEO (search engine optimisation) is the process of improving the visibility of your website. It means that having a compelling copy in your web design can help with the exposure and visitor count. More and more people will engage with the site and that would translate to business growth.


Establishing an online identity for your enterprise can be a daunting task because it involves a complex process. However, with the help of a designer who does responsive web design in Singapore for your needs, building a site is now easier. All you have to do is trust these professionals and focus on formulating your business objectives.

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