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Things You Should Know Before Buying YouTube Watch Hours (Learn From Me)

If you’re trying to make money on YouTube, you may be thinking about buying YouTube watch hours. Although these can be extremely useful, you need to know what to look for. A higher number of views means that your video is likely to get more coverage. More watch time will also mean, in case you are not yet, the possibility to enter the YouTube Partner Program and get advertising revenue from your videos.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a professional to get YouTube watch hours, or a millionaire to buy them. These are affordable and can be purchased from trusted providers.

But there are many things you should know before buying YouTube watch hours. Sure, many of the providers are legitimate, but you should still check their refund policies and reputation before purchasing any of them.

You should also make sure you can get the right price for the service. This is because there are lots of scammers in the market. However, if you’re smart, you’ll avoid them and be able to buy YouTube watch hours safely.

One thing you should know before buying YouTube watch hours is that they don’t come with subscribers or likes. You will obviously get views, since watch time comes from views, but that’s it. So while your watch time and possibly retention will boost, your subs and engagement will stay the same.

You will not necessarely get a lot of views. The number of views you’re able to buy will depend on how many videos you’ve uploaded, how long they are, and the provider you are using. Because, some providers will use a lot of views to boost watch time, while others will use just a few with incredibly high retention.

So, it is not easy to decide which type of watch time to pick. But, personally, I think that the best thing is to focus on less views with higher retention, to prevent harming your channel with lots of fakes views and rather, boost the rank of the videos by increasing average retention.

In fact, besides increasing the number of views, buying YouTube watch hours can also help you grow your video’s ranking. It will give you more exposure, as long as the quality is nice. So, I think there is more benefits to acquiring a YouTube watch hours packages than just the monetization, at least, that was my experience.

Purchasing YouTube watch hours increases your credibility in the eyes of YouTube users, especially after you get monetized and therefore, your channel gets that professional look that monetized channels have

So, to wrap it up, buying watch time is something I did a few times and I reccomned but, the key is to choose a good service provider.

When buying YouTube watch hours, you need to make sure that you’re buying the right kind. Not all watch hours are the same, so you should look at all of the options before buying.

The most important things, are

  • Average watch time
  • Good price
  • Monetization guarantee
  • Refill guarantee (best if lifetime!)
  • Website’s popularity and reviews

You should make sure that you’re buying a legitimate product from a reliable source. In the past I used twice the website lenostube.com and the retention was amazing (more than 800% per view) and they offered me lifetime guarantee.

There are than other websites, which I have not tried since lenostube always provided me a good experience, but I am sure they can be also valid. Just make sure all the above things I listed are there and make your own research about the brand!