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What Are The Alternative Video Hosting Sites For Vimeo?

Vimeo has been used by many, who have been into watching online videos and using video sharing sites. It is indeed a fabulous site to upload videos and it also has its pros as well as cons. Now it is also a fact that it may not suit the needs of everyone, so there has to be an alternative to Vimeo.

  1. Internet Archive: Known as one of the best Vimeo alternatives, this is known as Internet Archive Project or IAP. However, it is pretty unknown to the populace, yet it is extremely ambitious and interesting project that is going online. Its primary objective is to maintain a copy of complete content over the internet, which will then remain there for everyone to access. It also believes in maintaining the internet freedom by give free information circulation as well as render open and free internet to all. Thus giving everyone the access to universal knowledge sources. It has many informational videos.
  2. Dailymotion: Though, it was founded before most popular video site, but it did not garner much success. However, success doesn’t endure quality and so Dailymotion has a great quality when it comes to the videos. The 25 languages as well as 43 versions of videos, which it gives, is of high quality that people want. It has more than 300 million viewers from across the globe each month, while the number is still growing every quarter. Though it is incorporating cutting edge tech to its site, but the site design is something that it needs to work on.
  3. YouTube: Now this is the most used site by almost 95% of the internet users, or if it is said that every internet user did visit or use YouTube at least once; would not be a wrong statement. Each hour, footage worth 300 hours is posted on YouTube, which is because of its easy interface to upload the content. The convenience attracts more users to actively use it to upload their content, while it engages the viewers with new content. Thus, the site gives a win-win situation for both kind of users, the one who uploads and the one who views. The best thing here is that the site allows the uploaders earn money with ads that are shown on their video.

Now it is a known aspect that each prominent platform has their own policies and regulations that a user has to abide by. It may be a bit constrictive for some, while majority may be all right with it. The former happens less and that is why it makes the video sharing site used a lot by people. There are more sites that charge for premium services, but then their quality of video and upload speed also increases manifold. However, it is up to every user, what they want to do, which site they want to use, which site they are comfortable with. In the end, pleasure of uploading and watching is what counts.

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