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What are the best practices to retain your app in the market?

Mobile app development Dubai is a cumbersome process if you begin to list down the entire process A-Z. From the formation of the initial idea to the entire launching strategy, it can take a team months before they perfect an idea. However, it’s not only the developmental process that matters, but also the post-launch strategies that you employ, can make or break the success of your app. Often times businesses find it very hard to retain an app in the market. Why is this? They spend thousands of dollars on the development of their app that no heed is paid to how to ensure that the app sticks with users and makes a name in the market. This is why mobile app development Dubai can turn success into failure in no time. Here are the best tips and practices that you can employ in order to retain your app in the market:

  1. Enhanced user experience:

Most of the time, new apps have rampant downloads in the beginning however soon these can turn into uninstallations and reduce profits. Research shows that 5% user retention can lead to over 50% increase in profits. The reason why many users may get bored of your app and abandon it is because the user experience may be subpar. Your mobile app development Dubai features may be the best however they serve no purpose if they fail to engage the audience. It is very important to keep up the engagement rate. You can do this, by updating your app by adding additional updates and features to make sure your user engagement is maintained. 

  1. Analyze user behavior:

An important key element for mobile app development Dubai is user behavior. Once you begin to analyze this, you can implement better strategies. In order to optimize user retention, find out where and when your users interact with your app. These touchpoints will enable you to maximize strategies and enhance engagement for longer periods. Moreover, you can carry out a cohort analysis using heatmaps on software like Mixpanel to quantify and qualify data and work towards it. This will help you understand what your users expect and design better features and updates in the future. 

  1. Onboarding and notifications:

Another tip to enhance user retention for mobile app development Dubai is to make sure that the first impression of your app is flawless. It takes 5 seconds to judge an app and this time should be seamless. This onboarding process will enable you to retain users more. In addition to this, allow push notifications so your users can be notified and come back to app once you update with newer features and inform them about it regularly. 

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