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What is the refund policy of Ebay?

Ebay is the online sales platform, founded in 1995, which quickly established itself over the years to become a reference point in the e-commerce sector. A fundamental feature of Ebay is to give the single proven user the opportunity to put their articles on sale, independently publishing ads, provided that all the terms of the sale comply with the rules established by the webshop.

Selling products in ebay

Ebay e-commerce ranges from sales at a pre-established price to auctions, a characteristic system of the platform according to which buyers interested in purchasing an item can make several upward bids until they win the product.

Refund Policy of ebay

Regarding the refund policy on Ebay, the platform has recently made some changes to the refund procedure. Previously, in the event that a buyer exercised his right to reimbursement and the reimbursement procedure was successfully completed, Ebay, rather than a cash refund, provided the customer with a code to be used as a shopping voucher for the purchase of other items for sale. on the webshop.

Currently the situation is different and the codes are no longer the system used: the customer entitled to a refund will be able to obtain financial compensation that will be credited to the Paypal account used to spend on the Ebay platform. The reimbursement obtained, in the event of an accepted compensation request, is always equal to the entire amount of the sum of money relating to the item in question.

Refund cases

The case of an Ebay refund distinguishes between cases in which the user has purchased an item or has put a product on the webshop for sale. It is good to keep in mind that, in general, Ebay establishes a guarantee period on the products sold on the platform, equal to 30 days. Therefore, attention should be paid to the fact that this period is still in force at the time of requesting compensation but the deadlines may be shorter depending on the different cases as we will illustrate below. While selling on ebay you need to keep this in mind.

A buyer can request a refund for several reasons including: a defect is detected on the item purchased; the item received does not conform to the description provided on the seller’s page; the product is never delivered or the seller has not communicated the shipment by the due date; the product turns out not to be to the satisfaction of the buyer.

Timing of re-credit

For the different cases mentioned above, the timing within which the customer can request a refund may differ. In the event that the product is not to the satisfaction of the customer or is defective or does not conform to the description, the buyer must contact Ebay and exercise the right of withdrawal within 14 days, send the product back at his own expense and contact the seller to ask refund which must be paid within 7 days, otherwise you will have to contact Ebay again for compensation.

In the event that the product is not delivered, the buyer must report the matter within 30 days of the expected deadline, at this point the seller has 8 days, starting from the deadline, to intervene, and otherwise Ebay will provide for the refund within 30 days of the deadline.