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A Detailed Review of Xtra PC – Is it Any Good? 

Xtra PC is a one of a kind product designed to boost computer speed. Computers get progressively slower. Attaching the Xtra PC USB Flash Drive to the computer’s USB port makes computers faster (works on both desktop models and laptops). It only features a Linux operating system. It sidesteps the old and slow operating system and provides a better and faster user experience on a new Linux OS. In addition to boosting computer speed, the flash drive also acts as an additional storage space. Internet connection must be on the first time the product is plugged into the USB. After that, no more internet is required. Users can use their computer as they normally do. 

Advantages of the Product

Xtra PC is loaded with helpful features. The new and faster operating system is operational within seconds of plugging in. The new Linux OS can be used to surf the internet, send emails, download files, and all the other things that used to take a lot of time with the old OS. There are three models to choose from – the Xtra PC Turbo 16, the Xtra PC Turbo 32, and the Xtra PC Pro. 

Which Package is the best? 

The  Acelerar PC Turbo 16 is the perfect buy for people looking to try out the product. It is cheap and easily downloadable from the official website of the company. It is a basic model that makes PCs faster. The slightly advanced Xtra PC Turbo 32 comes with a guarantee of making the computer 1.5 times faster. It also offers 32 GB of additional storage space. The Xtra PC Pro, as the name suggests, is the most advanced model, featuring an impressive 64 GB of additional storage space. For users who store a lot of videos and other heavy files, it is the perfect model. Overall, this unique product is worth the money. 


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