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A Guide To Understand App Development Cost

Mobile application demands are higher than ever due to the rise in smartphone users. It is essential for businesses to dive into the digital ocean and cope with the advancements in the era! As the screen sizes are reducing every day, users demand information availability at their convenience. This rising demand exerted pressure on flourishing businesses to meet customers’ needs and deliver their services and products with ease. Gone are the days when customers traversed to the products; this is the era where products and businesses approach customers. A substantial amount of growth in industries is by focusing on target customers efficiently. 

Nonetheless, the importance of these applications doesn’t drive out the fact that application development requires investment, both in terms of money and time. Businesses initiating their journeys usually are hesitant to make this investment upfront but sooner or later plan to do so. Here is a guide to decide how much it might cost you to get that well-functioning application to transform your business. 

The first step is to understand which kind of application you are willing to get. Both Android and iOS applications come to our minds while thinking about mobile applications. There is always a conflict on whether to opt for Android or iOS applications within the minds of a businessman as the target is to increase profits ultimately and enhance the reach. This problem can be easily sorted by focusing on your customer base and studying their usage patterns. If your audience is found more on iOS, then go for applications built for them or vice-versa. However, owning a mobile application also adds a sense of credibility to your business which may otherwise be lost with the progressive era.  

Here is a general budget range you may focus on:

The top mobile app development company in Dubai offers the following proposals for app development cost and timeline:

The app development cost is roughly around AED 50-100 per hour, which ranges USD 14-28 measured at 1,000 development hours. However, it is found that a cumulative app price ranges from AED 40,000 or USD 11,000 in the case of complicated functionality implementation.

  • On average, a minor app development project price, android application ranges between AED 20,000 – 25,000, i.e. USD 5500 – 7000. The typical cost to create an app is predicted to be exceeding this sum.
  • A convenient app cost calculator concludes a price range of AED 25,000 – 40,000, i.e. around USD 7000 – 11000 for complex multi-feature mobile applications.
  • For enterprise-level mobile app development, the standard cost is AED 50,000, i.e. around USD 14000.

Usually, this cost keeps fluctuating throughout the development, and as the development progresses, there is an addition of features that require a more considerable sum to get implemented. The companies charge you on an hourly basis if you do not opt for the entire project and go for individual feature development. There are several factors to be considered while deciding this price range. The companies charge you on these two fronts. 

  • Fixed charge – An amount that indicates the cost imposed for a particular timeline. The benefit of this decision is that the app development expense is asserted with the customer before development begins. This cost is usually declared for projects with limited scope and well-defined layers.
  • Time & material – A cost structure is defined in accordance with the time and materials required for the entire project and is determined at an hourly rate. This method provides versatility during the app creation process and suits complex and open-ended projects.

While it may be tempting to go with the fixed charge option at the initial stages, it is essential to think about the time and material-based possibility. The benefit of this approach is that you can make alterations in your application plans during the development. 

Factors that influence the price range:

Understanding what factors influence the price range can help you talk to your app developers in Dubai and identify where you can make the cuts, if any, based on your requirements. Here are few prominent features which highly affect the price of your mobile application:

  • Complexity and app features
  • Intricacies of UX/UI designs
  • Connected API’s
  • Backend architecture
  • The development approach (Hybrid, Native, Mobile, and Web)
  • Graphic designs and branding 

These are just the prominent ones and there are more factors which influence the cost of your application. Apart from these there is a one-time Google Play Set Up cost of USD 25 which is approximately equal to AED 92. The cost for an Apple Developer account is USD 99 which is around AED 365 per year. This fee is usually not included in your development fee and is usually added later on after the development is finished. 

Selecting the right options for your development:

Apart from selecting the type of application, you also need to figure out the nature of the application, native or hybrid. In a study it has been found that around 80-85% of the applications developed are native in nature, whether they are native android or native iOS applications. Around 10% of these are hybrid in nature. And very few businesses opt for both applications.

´╗┐Concluding thoughts:

Initiating your mobile application can sound daunting at first because of the complexities involved and the upfront investment demands. However, considering the necessity of the hour, your business presence must be extended to these intelligent devices and reach people in a way they feel handy. The above price ranges will help you draw a rough budget for your mobile application development and hence aid you to start saving for it and planning for it. Always start by selecting the right app developers for your business as a lot is put at stake when you hire a mobile application development company, they get to know details about your project and products. However, they are the best ways to get the most successful applications enticing a high number of users. Get started today with your mobile applications and view your investments grow multiple folds.

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