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Tech Business News is constantly a reliable and popular resource of information about the latest developments, reviews, and trends in the hi-tech toys and technology. Australia has been one of the world’s leading adopters of new technology, especially in the area of computer technology. Australian companies are also notorious for taking their brand names worldwide, such as Apple and RIM. This has made the country a favourite for international corporations that are looking for new arenas in which to market their products. The many facets of Australian Technology News provide an in-depth look at the many different technological possibilities throughout the nation.

One of the most significant areas of Australian technology news involves digital television. There have been many reports in the past few years that the nation’s leading satellite TV provider, Sky Television, is aggressively expanding its footprint in the country. Other companies, such as Freesat, are also looking to expand their presence in Australia. These new ventures will undoubtedly impact digital TV in a big way, both in the near and long term.

Another facet of Australian technology news concerns the ongoing discussion about Australia’s worsening internet infrastructure. The widespread criticism of the current broadband infrastructure in Australia comes from both government officials and businesses that rely heavily on online business models. For example, the failure of former ISP company broadband company iiNet to deliver reliable service has meant that thousands of customers have had to switch their online service providers. In addition, several high profile businesses have lost massive customer value due to lack of competitive services.

As these issues continue to play out, the government has put forth several moves to improve Australia’s ability to deliver internet service to its citizens. Among these moves are attempts to reform the telecommunications industry through the establishment of the Australian Communication Networks (ACN) and the setting up of the Australian Competition and Consumer Tribunal (ACCCT). Both these bodies have received harsh criticism from various members of the public. One of the most controversial pieces of legislation is the proposed Federal Court reforms which would allow the government to force ISPs to provide mandatory opt-in Internet access for users who don’t want to be bombarded with advertising and junk mail.

As Australian Tech News continues, there is no telling what the direction the country’s online technology industry may take. The new ACCC chair, Associate Justice secretary, Michael CJownell, have indicated that the government will not rush into legislating reforms. “We do not have the time to do that research and that experimentation. Regulating is not something we ever want to do,” he told reporters. However, he added that he believed the ACCC can play an important role in ensuring consumers get the right voice when it comes to online privacy and security.

There is also no telling what impact the proposed changes to the law making process will have on technology industry in Australia. Some industry analysts speculate that this could lead to many companies choosing offshore outsourcing their Australian technology needs in order to enjoy more freedoms when it comes to patenting their products and technology. Others believe that it is simply a move by the government to improve its image in the business community, and that it may attract more businesses to begin their own online presence on the web. One thing is certain: whatever the reason, the current economic climate in Australia makes businesses more cautious than ever before about taking on technology-based endeavour’s.

Another piece of news content from the Australian Technology News website that got us all excited was an article which looked at the increasing role the government has played in the development of Australia’s IT Industry. The government has invested millions of dollars in the research and development of Australia’s IT sector, which has resulted in many well-known companies such as Microsoft, IBM and Citrix being set up in the country. The Australian Investment Corporation and other bodies have worked hard to make sure these companies have the resources they need to stay ahead of the competition. According to the news article, this kind of foresight and investment in research and development is something that businesses in Australia should be highly proud of.

Finally, we wanted to highlight an article which featured comments by prominent politicians from both major parties in the country. This piece was published on the Australian Story website in May, but the Australian Government released the full list of approved Australian software and devices for overseas licensing in early June. As one might expect, the list features Apple, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, Prudential, Vodafone and many other leading global players. Interestingly, this list excludes gaming consoles, which are still a bit of a niche in Australia. As is evident from the previous highlights in this article, the Australian Technology Newsletters regularly features articles which discuss the happenings both in the country and overseas, and they also encourage their readers to submit their feedback and stories for publication

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