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FileSynced Android TV Store

For your knowledge most popular smart TV box is the Android TV. Just like Android phones you will find many manufactures of Android TV devices. Mainly there are 4 types Android TV boxes. They are

  1. Android Boxes
  2. Android TV boxes
  3. Fire TV
  4. Google TV

Android boxes are literally Android TV that run Android with TV launcher instead of Android TV OS. Since Those devices use phone version or Android operating system optimized to work with TV remote and TV, instead Android TV OS. There for those devices has less restrictions. Example devices are X96 MAX, SkyStream and etc. You will find all the apps and games on play store unlike on Play Store TV.

Android TV boxes are original Download Movie Subtitle devices that run Android TV operating system. These devices are fully developed for streaming. You will find many restrictions on these devices. Few apps are available on Play store, can’t change home screen, wallpaper, no web browser and etc.

Fire TV devices are also Android TV devices based on Android TV OS. Amazon change interface and home screen and other functions for Fire TV users by integrating their own app store called Amazon App Store and other services like Amazon Prime, Alexa and etc.

Google TV is also based on Android TV OS. Google TV has nicely designed home screen fully oriented for streaming. 2020 Chromecast is the first Google TV device released. You can install all Android apps and games on Google TV too.

FileSynced Android TV Store

Default app stores of TV boxes does not have many free Movies, TV shows, Sports, News and other applications. It is hard to browse internet and install applications we want. Typing hard to remember long URLs to download files is not a solution to install third party apps.

FileSynced was developed to ease Android TV and Fire TV app installations. FileSynced was fully maintained by TV community. You will find many TV app stores within FileSynced. Those are called FileSynced Stores. Each FileSynced store has its own unique code called FileSynced code.

Anyone can create their own FileSynced store and made it public for other users to access. You will find many trending and awesome TV stores full of Movies, TV shows, Web Series, Live TV and other apps. Open FileSynced application and click on “Trending” button to see popular FileSynced Codes.

No need to search internet to find TV store codes like on Unlinked and AppLinked. UnLinked and AppLinked is like FileSynced. FileSynced is more than FileLinked. Because it has all the features of FileSynced and address all the drawbacks.