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4 Inventory Management Software For Retailers


Inventory management is the procedure of arranging and directing stock throughout the chain of supply. The objective of inventory management is to reduce the value of the stock on hold with consistent stock levels.

Several businesses use the same old-school methods of keeping an eye on their inventory. It may lead to numerous costly mistakes. However, inventory management software allows you to keep a track record of your stock with access to several other advantages like a stock warning, automatic purchase alerts, and reporting at the end of the year. 

Following are the best inventory management software for businesses:

  • Freshservice

Numerous setups in businesses are hard to install, expensive, and difficult to use. People waste several hours customizing these solutions. Moreover, they need to hire professional services to get the work done. After everything, the business needs to employ full-time software experts to work on it. With the help of Freshservice, the management of inventory in a company becomes easy. It requires minimal customization and is supported by top-class support. 

  • Megaventory

Megaventory is cloud-based inventory management software specifically tailored for medium-sized businesses. It offers plenty of features, including invoicing, order fulfillment, reporting, and manufacturing management. It also provides extensive customer support. Megaventory is valued based on a monthly subscription, and the integrations are also available for many eCommerce platforms and accounting.

  • Gofrugal

GoFrugal is a mobile ERP solution for the restaurant, retail, and distribution businesses. It is suitable for small-scale retailers that help them manage their distribution and billing routines and automate monetary transactions. It also allows the users to create inventory reports, fill up orders for their customers, and establish automated ordering. GoFrugal is a hybrid point of sale (POS) solution that lets the users trace purchase records, history of purchases, and unique information about the customers.

  • Quickbooks Desktop Enterprise Software

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Software is accounting software built for small to medium-scale businesses across distinct industries like manufacturing, retail, construction, and nonprofit distribution. Through QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Software, the companies can spread their operations using reporting, invoice tools, and advanced inventory. The software also provides personalized reporting tools that assist the users in analyzing data and make prompt business decisions. You can choose from over 200 auto-filled templates and 70 industry-specified reports to manage your inventory. Thus, this inventory management software works best for retailers who want to keep a check on their stocks.