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Off My Chest Offers a New Level of Freedom of Speech 

Smartphones and applications have become immensely popular with people. Apart from gaining popularity, they have been a boon for the people for a plethora of things. It would not be wrong to suggest that smartphones and applications have not been restricted to making calls only, but people could use them for development. 

Numerous businesses and individuals have started to create innovative and unique applications. These applications would facilitate online browsing, faxing, email, games, wireless information, and graphic services. It would not be wrong to suggest that mobile application developers have revolutionalized handheld devices. 

Free your mind with Off My Chest 

Are you tired of being judged on different criteria? Do you want to free your mind? Consider installing Off My Chest on your mobile. The mobile application would enable you to free your mind through honest opinions. It would be pertinent to mention here that opinions would be based on relevant details. These opinions would be dependent on the mindset of the people responding rather than how you were born, how you make your decisions, and more. 

The app exposes the user to a relatively large scale of reality. As a result, you would be able to explore various minds. The app enables the user to explore various levels of realities and thoughts by going through anonymous opinions or posts. 

You could share your problems to seek a suitable solution from anonymous people sharing their opinions to resolve your issues. You could solve a problem by sharing a problem with others. You should not waste time thinking about something that you cannot share with others. The app enables you to share your thoughts and feelings with anonymous people. You could use their opinions and thoughts to meet your needs. You could free your mind easily. The app enables you to move on without any hassles. 

The unique feature of the application enables the user to chat with any other user in the app or outside the app without revealing their identity. It would not be wrong to suggest that Off My Chest enables users to experience a new level of freedom of speech. 

Features of the app 

Let us delve into a few essential features of the application. 

  • Sharing your mind 

It enables you to share your mind with other people in the community. You would receive their opinions based on your thoughts. 

  • Expressing your feelings 

The app enables you to express your feelings through expressions with others, but without revealing your identity. 

  • A wide range of communities 

You would be able to create and join several communities across the world. 

  • Chat options 

The app enables you to chat with friends and other people across the world anonymously. 

  • Diary 

The app provides you with a choice of options organizing your thoughts using a diary. 

  • Report system 

The app has a responsive and quick report system. 

You could save several minds in your collection through the app. It allows you to free your mind by sharing your thoughts and feelings with others anonymously. 


Off My Chest is a social media application similar to Twitter. The only difference would be the anonymity feature of the OMC app. It enables you to free your mind in a specific community or to the users across the world without revealing your identity. You would experience a new level of Freedom of speech.