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Great Music Support for Apps With the Audio Kit

Music is a fundamental part of our day to day, so it is essential that you have a good sound equipment that guarantees that your listening experience is the best.To ensure that the way you listen to music is as satisfying as possible and that you enjoy each song to the fullest, there are a series of recommendations and products that will ensure that what your ears consume is appreciated in the right way.

The Present day solutions

Currently there are many popular streaming options that offer you excellent quality music, podcast or videos for a monthly payment. According to a study by MIDIA Research, in 2019 the most popular platforms were Spotify, Apple Music, amazon and Tencent.

Since you choose the option of listening to music legally that best suits your preferences and rhythm of life, you are going to need the best audio products and a good sound equipment so that you can enjoy their services to the fullest and it is worth the effort. Proper audiokit service is available right there.

Hearing aids

  • The best way to take your music everywhere and forget about the outside world while enjoying your favorite music.

Good sound equipment

Bluetooth speakers

They have excellent quality in sound reproduction and are ideal for sharing in open media, do not hesitate to buy one since you can even take them to the forest or to places where there is no electricity. Just make sure they are of high quality and performance.

When we are organizing an event one of the most important factors to take into account is the audio system. Much more even if it is based on speakers, since there are different types of voices and therefore we must give full attention to each of those who will present their experiences there and will offer us all their learning to put it into practice in our lives.

This task is delegated to a company “specialized” in sound “in general” but it is advisable to have control of this area delegating on our part to a supervisor or associate producer who has extensive knowledge of voice amplification, installation of audio systems, acoustics, equalization, microphones etc. preferably a sound engineer could give us the full security of being able to have events where the audio system is in accordance with our quality of services.

Amplification of speakers’ voices

It will be necessary to amplify the voices of the speakers when the presentations are in large spaces or when the audience exceeds 20 people, so that the Speaker or presenter does not have to force their voice.

The basic equipment necessary to reproduce music and amplify the voices of the speakers at your event will be:

Sound source:  A computer, iPod, or CD / DVD player

Microphones:they  can be unidirectional or bidirectional, wired or wireless, tie, handheld or headsets. The type of microphone should be chosen according to the comfort of the speaker. If you have a podium, there may be a directional microphone with a stand, but if the speaker will be on the move, you can use a tie microphone headset (headband), 1 microphone is recommended for each speaker and in this way you can create the settings necessary to each of them.

Pre-amp or Console:  here you will connect the microphones of the speakers. You can control the volume of each one, equalize (adjust levels), remove or set frequencies that help or affect the dissemination of the voice is as clear as possible.

Amplifiers: they will be in charge of taking the signal coming from the console and increasing its power, so that it can be reproduced by the speakers at the appropriate volume.

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