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Boss Laser Tube Reputation Management Opportunities


Laser cutting machines are becoming more and more useful in the manufacturing field and for home hobby uses. Laser technology is also proving to be a good tool for many medical procedures. Since there are many different laser technologies and brands of laser tubes, it is important to sort through the available products and choose the best one for the use it is meant for.

Laser Makes Precise Cuts

Laser technology is used to make precise, quick cuts in many materials. But, how does it do this so well? Laser technology is based on the use of a high-powered, concentrated, focused beam of light that quickly reaches high temperatures. The temperatures are hot enough to evaporate rather than scorch the wood or other material it is cutting.

This laser technology allows manufacturers and artists to produce very intricate patterns. These patterns are first created with a computer program or software. Then the computer actually guides the laser to make the design come to life on the designated material such as plywood, plastic, or wood. The computer program guides the laser equipment to produce a complicated design without the artist or technician having to work with a saw or knife. It is a safer way to cut.

The laser cutting tools can be calibrated to cut or etch many different materials. The advantage of laser cutting is that it leaves a smooth, clean edge that needs less if any sanding. It allows for more intricate designs as it melts, burns, blows, or vaporizes a thin line in the material.

How Is a Laser Beam Produced?

A laser beam is produced in a closed container or a laser tube. There are both glass and metal laser tubes to choose from. There are different kinds of laser machines on the market and they all use one type or another of laser tubes as their source of laser power. The two choices of laser tubes are basically water-cooled tubes of glass or metal tubes cooled by air.

Glass laser tubes cooled by water are the cheaper of the two types but they may not last as long. Their laser power is generated by exciting CO2 gas with direct or DC electrical current at high voltages. The power and clarity of the laser cut depends on the beam being clean, small, and as round as possible. Manufacturers, such as Boss, have laser tube testing stations to make sure the quality stays high.

Metal laser tubes cost more but last longer. Their laser power is generated by gas excited by radio frequencies in alternating current or RF. This method allows for faster laser pulsing and even cleaner cuts.

Boss Laser Tubes

Boss CO2 laser machines use a phonic laser beam generated by CO2 gases inside a sealed tube and excited by high power electrical energy. A focused, invisible, infrared laser light beam is produced and can be used for precise cutting, engraving, and marking of a variety of materials. The laser tubes come in 60, 100, and 100-watt laser tube sizes.

To get an idea of the high-quality ratings for this brand of laser tubes, go to reviews Boss YouTube. Rating sites for CO2 laser tubes give this product high ratings for quality and performance. They keep their reputation high with quality products and a good testing program. Happy customers drive good reputations.