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How Does the Accessibe WordPress Plugin Work for Your Site?

As a WordPress site owner, what could be better than embracing a plugin that adds the relevant keywords to all of your posts so that you do not even have to think about them yourself? Conclusion: there is such a plugin that helps you save time and money with success. It also helps you rank higher in search engines and saves you the frustration of manual adherence to web accessibility.

Discover the benefits of the Accessibe WordPress Plugin

The Accessibe WordPress plugin is the name of this plugin, and it is quite popular for WordPress site owners. With it, you no longer have to check your blog post and add the relevant keywords to it by yourself. When you install this unique plugin, you will find positive changes done to your website over time.

When you have installed this plugin from the dashboard of WordPress plugins, activate it and go to its settings to fit your preferences. In the event of doing this, in case you get an error message, this is because you have a missing file in the plugin folder. This file is created automatically and saved to that folder. When you run the installation of the plugin, click on its activation option for the file to be created once. It will stay in that folder in the future as well. In case you delete the plugin when you are logged into the dashboard of WordPress, it no longer exists, so avoid doing that.

Add links and keywords easily to posts

Once the plugin has been activated and set up properly, it allows you to add links and keywords automatically or even manually with the help of a user interface, both simple and easy. Even if you do not have any sort of technical knowledge, the addition of these keywords and links is simple. The keywords can be added by inserting an HTML code that is contained at the beginning of every post, and the step is as easy as that. You can also share the keyword lists with one another, and all of the above can be conveniently accessed from the dashboard of WordPress.

When you activate the new plugin, you will find a blank list waiting for you to add the keywords that you wish to add. You can visit credible sources online to find out how you can conveniently add those keywords without hassles.

Choosing the correct options

The URL feature will inform the Accessibe WordPress plugin as to what type of blog post to find the keywords and its link from the custom post or the blog post page type. In most of the above cases, it is prudent for you to choose blog posts as the best option as they carry the maximum benefits for search engine optimization.

However, if you have specific web pages or posts that contain valuable, informative content, you must ensure that they have been included, so always choose the right option there.

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