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Local Internet Marketing Through Mobile Friendly Site And Content Marketing

Start with having your mobile friendly website developed and launched the Hong Kong audience. This is one important step before you should start with digital marketing Hong Kong locally for your new business. Google in recent years have updated its algorithms to favor more towards businesses that have built well-designed mobile friendly websites in terms of organic search ranking. Also, depending on your industry, niche, product, or service, you may adjust your mobile site to fit the need of your potential customers.

An example is when potential customers are looking for a restaurant (in Hong Kong), store or a particular local business, they are likely to do a search on their phone or mobile device (with most probably their default search engine Google, or other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, etc). When you have built mobile optimized site in the first place, it allows a better chance for people to find your site through Google (or other search engines), and it makes it super easy for people to interact with your site.

Next step is to plant your seeds into the content i.e. Content marketing. Have content marketing integrated into your overall Hong Kong internet marketing strategy in day one. Content has gradually become one of the most important online marketing methods in recent years. The integration is conceptual, but it involves building up the thought leadership reputation. This is done through regularly answering questions all over the internet where people visit. You can grow your online footprint by being active on forums and Q&A sites. The sites include Quora, Reddit, and some of the niche or industry specific sites. If you are in the home improvement industry, Houzz is one of those industry specific sites and/or discussion forums.

Still it is not enough. You need to determine where exactly the playground is i.e. where to spread your content marketing effort. Content marketing for Hong Kong or any local market would take some time for a small business to get right. In your local communities, there are certainly gurus or influencers who you should build relationship with. They may be the bloggers who are going to regularly write about your products. This is certainly going to influence the choice of many other local consumers. You need to get a process in place to look for bloggers and/or gurus who are influential in your niche. Have your team of marketers or content writers supplied them with product information that is share worthy.

Lastly, do not overlook the basics i.e. The on-page SEO. Go through your entire website and make sure all the good elements of search engine optimization are in place. That would include all the meta tags (e.g. Title, description, H1, H2, etc), the redirects, the 404 errors, the sitemaps, and more. During the year when you and your team are creating the content, the content will eventually immerse into the structure of your website. SEO will eventually flourish.


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