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3 steps towards automating your office security 

More and more companies seek a long-term solution for the intensive, manual and often rather expensive approach to office security. Current surveillance systems are often dating back to several years ago and increasingly require software updates to continue working properly. Therefore, the growing demand for surveillance automation is  not at all surprising. The rapid development of surveillance automation, on the other hand, might be all the more surprising.   

In this article you’ll be introduced to the ease and efficiency of automated office security and what steps you can take to realize your own automated surveillance system.

  • IP cameras

First of all, video surveillance requires decent IP cameras to connect to your network and record specific areas of your property. However, upon expanding your surveillance system, the need for manual observation of different screens becomes nearly undoable. Moreover, different types of IP cameras don’t always connect to a central system as easily as you’d hoped. 

To achieve an automated surveillance system, you thus need IP cameras that are compatible with each other and the software they’re connected to. 

  • Sufficient software 

Second, you require decent software and storage to actually use the video footage you obtain by the IP cameras. One of the leading providers of surveillance system software is Synology. In addition, their NAS.NVR systems are the best storage system in the field and forward significant benefits for companies dealing with large amounts of security data. 

One of the things to keep in mind when setting up your Synology surveillance software is the required licenses. You need a Synology camera license in order to add more IP cameras to the system. Fortunately, they can be purchased within minutes against attractive rates and implemented immediately. Synology software is compatible with nearly every IP camera, so you will not be required to purchase additional cameras to fit your set up.

  • Full automation 

In order to make your surveillance system fully automated, you need specific AI software based on deep learning technology. Deep learning video analysis allows for automated processes such as facial recognition, tracking occupancy rates of buildings and recognizing intruders – both human and vehicle. Staff and/or authorities will be alarmed in case of oddities and you require significantly less manual labour to receive even better office security. 

Make your office security fully automated  

To invest is automating your office security will undoubtedly pay itself back in a streamlined workflow, efficient processes and a higher level of standard security. Your system will be updated on a regular basis to meet all the requirements of a modern and all-encompassing surveillance system. 

The Synology licenses can be purchased through trusted resellers and will expand your surveillance possibilities significantly. Make sure your surveillance system is interconnected for the best coverage and enjoy the benefits of a fully automated approach to office security. 

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