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Super Clean Android for to Boost Performance

When your new Android phone start to slow or lag, it is so hard to use on daily basis. Because no one like to use slow smart phone. Unlike flagship phones, mid-range and low-end phones are highly prone to lose performance quickly. Because those devices have low resources like low CPU performance, RAM and storage. When considerable amount of those resources is used for other tasks like background services amount of resources available (RAM and CPU power) for day to work will not be enough. That’s why those phones to tend to lose performance quickly. However, we can easily overcome those problems just using applications like Clean Master.

Super Clean Master is one of the best tools that helps to gain performance. When phone becomes dirty (not physically or outside) internally it causes many performance issues. Junk cleaning is the main solution to boost phone speed easily. Many Cleaning tools like Clean Master has other features built in to same tool that helps to bring phone performance, battery life and many more like security.

Below listed some of the main features of this application. Feel free to download this application directly from Google Play Store. If your Android device does not have play store, you can use any third-party app stores like AC Market.

Features of Super Phone Cleaner

Junk Cleaner – Cleaning junks on your phone cannot done manually. Because when you uninstalled an application some app data may remained. Some files may remain after app updates, system updates and etc. Those residuals or junks are hard to find and delete manually. That’s why junk cleaning applications are more useful. Use this feature to clean all the junks for free.

Speed Boost –This feature can quickly boost phone speed by cleaning CPU workload and RAM. So your favorite application has enough processing power and RAM for smooth run.

Battery Saver – This is a one tap optimizing feature. No need to follow or do complicated tasks to increase battery time. This feature can find battery hungry applications and processers. There are many background tasks that drain battery power even without using the phone. Closing or hibernating those processers will increase battery time. Higher battery time mean less frequent charges.

CPU Cooler – This is also a one tap feature that bring CPU or phone temperature down. Why CPU temperature matters. Because CPU is the main part that cause your phone to heat. When CPU get heated that heat will dissipate through phone body. That’s why you will feel heat on your phone. CPU get heat when the CPU processers increases. This feature can block or close all unwanted tasks or background processers that cause CPU to heat. Reduced CPU tasks will help to cool down CPU temps.

Cleaning tools are required not only for Android phones, you can use them on Windows, iPhones, Android TV and etc. You can install this application on Android TV BOX using Filelinked or Aptoide. Filelinked helps to share any file with any Android user by sharing Filelinked codes. For more information you can visit: https://www.dialapk.com/

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