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Why is VPS Hosting the Perfect Choice for Your Tech Startup Website?

As a startup, choosing the right web hosting is vital for the efficient performance of your site as it contributes to building the brand’s reputation and establishing yourself in the market. If you have a tech startup and a basic understanding of the hosting technology, then you can use a Dedicated Server or a cheap vps server, benefitting from features like complete root access and dedicated resource allocation. Today, we are going to focus on tech websites and look at why VPS Server Hosting is the perfect choice for them.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting is a service in which your website resides on a virtual server. The web host uses server virtualisation to create multiple virtual servers on one physical web server, each with dedicated resources, complete root access, and account isolation. It allows you to have a hosting environment similar to a Dedicated Server at a much lower cost.

Benefits offered by VPS Hosting to Tech startups

While a Dedicated Server is ideal for technically skilled site owners, the costs can be very high for a startup. A VPS Hosting service is the perfect alternative for such tech startups for the reasons mentioned below:

  1. Complete Root Access

The root access in Linux is the same as administrator access in Windows. Hence, when you have complete root access, you can install any custom software or applications to create a hosting environment as per your liking. VPS Hosting plans offer full root access like a Dedicated Server that allows technically skilled site owners to customise the server as per their needs.

  1. Control over site security

Site security is essential for all websites, and users expect tech sites to be highly secure. And, if you have a tech startup, then expect visitors to look at the security of your site with a magnifying lens. With VPS Hosting, you get total control over the security of your VPS and website since you can install any third-party security tool and change the configuration settings too.

  1. Scalability of Resources

With VPS Hosting plans, you can scale your resources up within no time. The isolation of accounts using a hypervisor allows the host to add resources to your account instantly. In today’s times, tech businesses have shown the ability to grow exponentially in no time. Hence, a tech startup needs to sign up with a hosting service that offers instant resource scalability. These plans are ideal for fast-growing websites.

  1. Reliability

Another important aspect of hosting a tech website is the reliability of the server. If the site is continuously facing performance issues due to a slow or unresponsive server, then all efforts to establish the business can take a big step back. With VPS Hosting, since accounts are isolated, the performance of one website does not affect that of the other. Also, since the resources are dedicated, one user cannot hog all resources and cause other sites on the server to suffer.

Summing Up

Hence, if you are launching a website for your tech startup, then VPS Hosting seems like the ideal option for you. However, it is important to remember that not all VPS plans are the same. Hence, ensure that you analyse your hosting requirements and research well before buying a VPS. Good Luck!

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