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3 Modern Charging Devices that are an Ideal Pick

Lightning charging cables are the newest concept that’s getting popular and there’s every reason that these devices should get popular. The charging speed of such cables is so fast that it will amaze you. In this guide, we have listed the 3 best lightning cables available in the market and the features that make them better than most other chargers. Have a look! 

1. McDodo Auto Disconnect Fast Charging Cable

If you’ve been trying to find a good charging cable for your iOS devices, then the Mcdodo auto disconnect lightning cable is a must-try product. It’s incorporated with many brilliant features. Explore the best ones in the section below.

  1. It’s incorporated with a smart chip that performs two tasks – it stops charging the phone once the battery is full, and two, it restarts charging after every 2 hours as long as it is connected to the power point. The benefits are as clear as the summer sky. One, the phone and the battery never overheat. Two, the phone never gets discharged. 
  2. The cable is made of zinc alloy and nylon. Zinc alloy ensures that the temperature of the phone doesn’t go beyond 25° Celsius. Hence, the phone doesn’t overheat. And the nylon is braided so that the cable is stronger and tougher. 
  3. The cable connectors are gold-plated. Their quality is very high and they can easily resist 15000 plugs and unplugs and more than 30000 bends and twists. You can imagine how long this cable will last once purchased! 
  4. It charges the phone up to 50% in just 30 minutes and doesn’t take any longer than an hour to charge the phone fully. 

2. McDodo 4-in-1 Fast Charge Data Cable

This is a high-quality fast charge data cable that can charge 4 devices at once. It supports all iOS devices and Android USB-C devices. The four charging and usage options that it offers are as follows. 

  • USB C to USC C 
  • USB C to Lightning
  • USB A to USB C 
  • USB A to Lightning

Also, it has a strong and sturdy design that makes it last for a very long time. 

3. McDodo 3 Ports Plug

As the name suggests, it has 3 different ports – the UK port, the US port, and the EU port. It means that this charging plug is universal. You can carry it with you to all places. 

It has a simple slide-on and slide-off design. So, you won’t really face any trouble while trying to attach or remove an adapter. 

All in all, the charging devices that we have listed below are the best products in the market. 

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