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Chatbot Wix : How to configure it for your website ?

When it comes to website creation, Wix is one of the most essential platforms. Very practical, it helps you design websites without having to resort to programming. Moreover, even if a user does not have, strictly speaking, knowledge in website design, thanks to Wix, he will be able to easily configure an automatic dialog box (a Chatbot). This is one of the chat tools that anyone can add on Wix. Discover in the following how to proceed to make this small configuration. 

Why add a Wix Chatbot to your site?

Nowadays, technology has reached an incredible level of progress and installing Chatbots on websites has become a fairly simple process. Of course, there are a number of parameters you’ll need to consider in order to do so. For example, you need to make sure that this marketing tool is really in line with all your business principles. 

With platforms such as Wix, it is now less complicated to have a professional online presence. For example, it allows you to promote your services, showcase your expertise, art, ideas, etc. If you are a website editor, Wix gives you the tools you need to produce a personalized, completely free and high quality website.  

Save on human resources and time 

Whether it’s on an online application like Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, etc. or on a website, the Wix Chatbot allows you to make your communications automatic. Thanks to this bot, you will be able to make considerable savings in terms of human resources in the majority of interactions. Besides, its objective is to make the user experience fun. And the direct consequence of this is the multiplication of sales as well as the retention of prospects.

According to opinions collected from users, using Chatbot in general on an internet platform is very beneficial. So, you can adopt a Wix Chatbot to improve your customers’ experience. Here are the steps to follow. 

How to add a Chatbot on Wix?

Currently, there isn’t really a Chatbot feature that website publishers can leverage. However, Wix does give you the ability to set up some of your online messages automatically. 

For example, you can use chatbots to welcome visitors to your site. You can send them for example instant messages to let them know that you are going to get in touch with them soon and many other things. 

To do this, you need to go to Wix Automations. This resource also allows you to insert bullets for your FAQ to the mailbox so that it has an answer to the most common questions. 

You have two options 

On Wix, you have the ability to create your Chatbot as an editor, and there are two main options available to you. You can for example choose to program (code) it yourself. 

Indeed, there are many companies that opt to manage their Chatbot using their own internal code. However, it should be noted that the process is quite expensive and not necessarily accessible to all companies. Moreover, developing a Chatbot is not a practice that falls within the competence of all structures offering a service. 

The second option available to you is to use software that is already ready to be used. This is the case for example with Botnation. This software makes the creation and configuration of Chatbots easier and simpler. But that’s not all!

Multiple free features 

It offers editors multiple features. Moreover, most of them are free (Freemium option). Therefore, you can skip the development stage by opting for the Wix Chatbot from Botnation. You won’t have to subscribe or pay any fees. 

With this option, you just have to follow the steps proposed by the software to connect a Chatbot to your website. Of course, you will have to base your choice on your preferences and the type of service you offer. 

The Wix Chatbot is equipped with artificial intelligence. Therefore, you need to train it after adding it. This involves providing it with the necessary response elements to help it better interact with the audience. It’s a fun process that requires patience to optimize. Anyway, you don’t need to be a website editor to do this.