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Working at home is one of the best things that happened during the pandemic. Most people work in the comfort of their homes since their companies opt to operate off-site. Employees learn to manage their time properly. They are able to juggle work and house chores without neglecting one over the other.

This situation makes people think that it’s possible to work without going to the office. Why not? Working at home saves time and spare people from office drama. Someone does not need to return to doing normal work activities anymore and a remote job can make this happen. Thus, a career switch is a must!

If there is one career that you should look into, it is digital marketing. It is a way to connect with potential customers through promoting products or services online. It is a way of influencing or convincing people to buy products or services. Digital marketers do that.

Why digital marketing? Because it is doable at home and it brings home the money. Of course, all hard work always pays off in the end. 

If you have no idea what is digital marketing and what it entails to be a digital marketer, you need to learn. But, you need not go to a university to learn digital marketing. The good news is digital marketing can be learned online and there are many online courses that can provide you with such knowledge. Also, there are free online resources to help you understand the basics of digital marketing.  

However, there is more to learn about digital marketing. Free resources cannot satisfy such desire for knowledge. So online course providers come to the rescue. Of course, there are scam and legit online course providers so choose wisely. 

One online course provider is making waves online: Online Career Accelerator, which caters to individuals who want to learn digital marketing, land a remote job and earn big bucks. Online Career Accelerator webinar also hosts free training sessions for those who want to progress in their careers, find a promotion, transfer jobs, change careers, and particularly look for a remote job.

Online Career Accelerator is for everyone: young and old, professionals and non-professionals, experts and newbies, rich and poor. Everyone is welcome to attend the webinar as long as they are willing to learn digital marketing.

So, what’s in store for you at Online Career Accelerator? It is housed with digital marketing experts who give webinar training and coaching. The professional team also teaches each student how to gain clients, train them professionally, and make digital marketing their true calling. 

Mentors are available to guide students throughout the course period. In fact, there is a private Facebook community where Online Career Accelerator’s students and coaches can interact with each other. 

The course is worth $4,997 which is a fair price compared with university tuition fees. One of the perks of being an Online Career Accelerator is having access to all digital marketing training materials for life even after they are done with the program. One reason to say that the investment is worth it. 

Besides, the 10-week program is packed with valuable learnings from week 1 to week 10: 

Week 1 – Introduction And Mindset

  • Time management to work done efficiently
  • How to avoid failure
  • How to get guidance
  • How to have the right mindset to succeed
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Basics of Marketing and Concepts
  • Basics of Google Ads
  • Basics of Facebook Ads
  • Basics of Email Marketing
  • Basics of SEO
  • Career Opportunities

Week 2 – High-Income Skills

  • How to make six figures with Facebook Ads
  • How to quickly learn Facebook Ads within Weeks
  • How to learn Digital Marketing within Weeks
  • How to expand the ability to produce thousands of dollars every month

Week 3 – Career Accelerator

  • How to job hunt and find 1,000+ businesses hiring for marketing
  • How to find urgent companies looking to hire
  • How to effectively job search instantly
  • Proven resume template to getting job offers
  • Beginner-friendly resume for Digital Marketing jobs
  • Step by Step Cover Letter Template and Checklist
  • Digital Marketing Interview Scripts
  • 6 Figure Digital Marketing Interview Recordings
  • Cover Letter & Resume Reviews to secure you perform it right
  • +A copy of Cover Letter and Resume

Week 4 – Marketing Ads

  • How to make highly profitable Facebook Ads
  • How to run Facebook campaigns
  • How to create effective Google Ads
  • Proven ads that work and why they work
  • Scaling campaigns from k to 0k per year

Week 5 – Network Mastery

  • How to get multiple side jobs
  • LinkedIn Decoded (private mastermind course)

Week 6 – Career Acceleration

  • How to get a raise easily
  • How to negotiate for a salary
  • Hidden strategies to make more money in less time

Week 7 to 10 – Elite Series

  • How to earn a ridiculous amount of money with Digital Marketing
  • How to take other people to do the task for you and get multiple clients
  • How to get hired and not even have to perform the marketing anymore

Another reason that makes Online Career Accelerator stand out among its competitors is its founder, An Bui. He has extensive training in Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Email Marketing. He created the Online Career Accelerator to help students in their digital marketing journey. 

An Bui believes that big opportunities await those who want to try digital marketing given the demand for internet usages all over the world. This means that the more people are online, the more digital marketing thrives! Thus, the demand for digital marketers.

To learn more about it, attend a free Online Career Accelerator webinar.

Despite the positive reviews, Online Career Accelerator is not free of detractors. Doubters think that the program is a scam and so does An Bui. However, negative reviews do not hinder the online course provider’s objective to help students make a career switch successfully.

Of course, success and hard work always go hand in hand. Online Career Accelerator is not a ticket to easy wealth. It just provides the knowledge, training, and techniques required to have a career in digital marketing and land a remote job. It is always up to the students how to use them to their advantage. 

If you are keen on starting a digital marketing career and you chance upon the Online Career Accelerator webinar training, then you are in the right place!

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