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Why Your Merchant Account Provider Should Supply You with a New POS System

If you have thought about how your business conducts payments, then you probably have considered whether or not upgrading your technology might help you run your business more effectively. The best merchant account providers often offer new POS (point of sale) systems, but you might be hesitant to use it or learn any new technology—especially if you have been running your company a certain way for years.

Here’s why you might want to consider looking into upgrading your POS system if you have the chance.

Better security

Nothing is more important when it comes to transactions than keeping your clients’ information safe. With one security breach, you can find yourself losing some of your most valuable customers to your competitors because they have taken the time to upgrade their software or they have put additional measures in place. A new POS system can be a lifesaver because it can easily recognize when there has been a hack or something looks off, including additional or double charges. When your customers are your number one concern, then keeping their data safe can’t be more of a priority.

Better tracking

Have you ever forgotten to mark something in your books? How about you have been curious about the success of the sales numbers of a certain product? This is where tracking through an advanced POS system can be incredibly helpful for you as a business owner. You can spot trends related to how your business is performing and whether there are any problems that keep cropping up, such as returns or recalls. From there, you can use that data to make educated decisions in order to affect your business positively.

Relevant updates

Technology is always improving how businesses run, and this can be especially true when you are using a device such as a POS system. Credit card companies are always making changes and must often update their practices in order to be compliant with the law. Not only can this come back to haunt you in the future if you don’t adhere to these standards, but it can also cause your current system not to work at all. Your merchant services account should be letting you know regularly if it is time to upgrade your systems (and quality ones should include a new POS system for free or a small charge).

Quicker results

If you have ever had a client that has been concerned about receiving a refund for a purchase, then you know that results are essential to whether or not they will return. Having a quick turnaround can be much more difficult when you have problems relating stalled accounts. Having data that is easily accessible and can quickly be implemented can help to ease clients’ minds and remind them that you care about their business and that they chose you over your competitors.

In summary

A new POS system isn’t the be all and end all of running a great business, but it can be helpful when you want to establish yourself and one that cares about providing high quality service. If you have the opportunity to upgrade, make sure that you take it.

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